“What time will the mass be over?” Asked a gentleman I was helping with a spiritual matter.

“It starts at 12 so….”

“Ok, I’ll come at 2pm to be sure”

Hello from London where I’m having a coffee!!!

Well as you read, one needs a lot of patience when one is involved in the healing ministry and unlike coffee which can be made in a few minutes, inner-healing is a long and deep process.

It should come as no surprise to any of you that the Eucharist is a very key part to inner healing. But just to make it even clearer, let me describe how I see it from the point of view of someone with an inner-healing gift.

1. Every time before praying for someone and especially when its serious deliverance prayers from occult stuff I go to mass and offer that mass especially for the person I’m going to pray with.

2. After praying with people I often go to mass again to offer it all to Jesus and to recharge myself so to speak.

3. One of the keys to inner healing is the healing of one’s ancestral line and the key to this is masses and prayers for the family tree.

4. Another key is healing of one’s own wounds and offering them to Jesus in the mass and receiving the Eucharist can being enormous healing when done correctly.

5. Examination of one’s heart is another key to inner healing as it gets to the root of issues and one of the best places to do this is in front of Jesus in the blessed sacrament.

So you see, inner healing is EXTREMELY centred around the eucharist because that’s where the POWER of JESUS is most present.

When we learn to integrate psychological insights with the sacraments, inner-healing becomes the most powerful thing on earth and the power of Jesus will shine and work through us even more!

And so at times you can imagine my dismay when I hear questions like “what time will the mass be over” instead of eagerly asking what time it’s on.

Yes my friends, inner-healing is a decision. A decision to delve into the depths of the soul with Jesus and with the sacraments the church offers.

Sadly many want the healing without the hard work and while they may beg God to heal them, they are either unaware or unwilling to follow the path of healing that Jesus offers.

And here is our challenge for today. To bring people back to Jesus, to bring them back onto that narrow road of prayer and surrender that brings them deeper and deeper into the hidden corners of their own hearts and to Jesus in the Eucharist.

Not everyone will thank us for it, not everyone will like us but at the end of the day there is only one path to heaven and it’s the narrow road of prayer and transformation through the heart of Jesus.

“Jesus, may more and more souls come to know and teach about your healing presence and power in the Eucharist. May more and more souls surrender their lives to you and become your apostles of love, mercy and truth and may your precious body in the Eucharist be loved and honoured the way it ought to be throughout the whole world”.

Have a great evening and remember, the power of Jesus in the Eucharist is astronomical, tell all your friends!