Good afternoon from St. James’s church at London’s Spanish place.

I really love this church, perhaps because it reminds me so much of churches in France with the little seats where one really does feel like a child starting school!

These little seats places in this big church somehow remind us of who we really are and how small we are too in the eyes of God! Yet, each seat is looked after and despite its small size, beautiful and pretty. Surely how God would like us to be!!

Continuing on the theme of being childlike, someone did something quite childish today in our house. A needle was placed upward facing on the shower mat beside the sink and after I took my shower I stepped on it. Fortunately and surely thanks to God’s grace I was spared any real damage but still.

And in light of the Vatican’s letter yesterday in relation to same sex unions and homosexuality, the expression ‘a thorn in the flesh’ took on a whole new meaning!

The Vatican’s attitude is still to see homosexuality and same-sex attraction as a spiritual illness or as saint Paul puts it, a thorn in the flesh.

Whatever about it being a thorn in the flesh but their heartless and unpastoral letter has given us all a pain in the head!

Personally I think that their cold, cruel and dictator-like message is a good thing for LGBTQ catholics as they finally put in writing what they think and show their true colours.

Dancing around issues using sweeping statements about God’s will while sugar coating it with other phrases like pastoral care is an insult at this stage to all our intelligences.

If the Vatican really cared about gay people they would expand on the term ‘pastoral care’ and indeed there wouldn’t be so much gay activity among themselves.

So really at this stage they are only insulting themselves and to any of us serious followers of Jesus the real ‘thorn in the flesh’ as catholics is to have an official church being ‘led’ by blind incompetent fools who like in today’s gospel reading wouldn’t recognise the action of Jesus and the holy spirit if they bit them in the…..hmmm….you get my picture!!

So what to say only that God is bigger than the church, He is bigger than any little thorn in the flesh and He knows us all personally and loves us.

So may we keep our spirits up, keep joyful and happy regardless of whatever little thorns in the flesh that we may experience because our God is an awesome God and He reaches down for the poor and the needy while He knocks the high and mighty off their pedestals!!

Keep the faith, keep smiling, keep praying, keep praising and KEEP ON GOING!