Good afternoon and a very happy St. Patrick’s day to you all!

We had a wonderful day here with a big irish fry, face painting and music and most importantly good company.

Of course before all that we had something even more important, mass!

The mass reminded us of who St. Patrick was and of course all us Irish know that his job was to banish the snakes out of Ireland and turn it from a pagan country to a Christian country.

Of course by snakes we mean demons and all sorts of evil spirits link to pagan worshipping etc. Our Irish friend Brenda could tell us more about this as she’s very knowledgeable on these things and is always good fun too!

So sticking with this theme, yesterday I went to Tyburn Convent and asked for some exorcism salt. I got the whole package; salt, water and oils!

These salts and oils have special blessings and demons hate them. We all know how insect repellent works, well these are ‘demon repellents’ and it’s good to put them around your house and property regularly, not because you are a bad person but because you are a good person and thus a potential target for devils and demons!

So anyway I gave the house a little ‘spring cleaning’ yesterday and I’m trusting that any unwanted spiritual guests will be flushed out.

(Yum yum!!)

Although I may laugh and joke a lot, these subjects are actually very serious and it saddens me to see how Ireland and indeed many other places have become almost pagan again.

It seemed to start with a decline in the practice of Catholicism for various reasons and then a simultaneous interest in ‘alternative spiritualities’ such as Reiki, Bioenergy, tarot…….

And yet I pity the people of Ireland who are a spiritual people and are looking for something. I often feel that the catholic church let them down and failed to teach people about Jesus and to bring people to having a deep personal and powerful relationship with Him.

Saint Patrick didn’t preach religion at people. He preached Jesus to people with POWER. Even pagan priests converted because they recognized that Patrick’s spiritual power (from Jesus) was beyond their powers from demons.

Isn’t it the same nowadays? Aren’t people looking for healing and don’t see it in our church? And isn’t this due to a lack of the spiritual power of the Holy Spirit stemming from a lack of openness to the healing and deliverance ministry?

Of course it is and for those of us who know there are still some wonderful and very anointed priests and lay people in Ireland who through the power of the Holy Spirit perform miracles and healings to this day. It’s just sad that they are often hidden and not much spoken about….even in the church.

And so I ask the question. If Patrick was to come back today, what would he do?

Would he make peace with all the snakes of compromise and mediocrity or would he raise that bishop’s stick (or whatever you call it) and drive those demons out of the country once again?

The answer is pretty obvious and considering that he’s not coming back then it’s up to you and I and every other person of faith to once again crush the head of Satan and banish the snakes from Ireland and indeed the whole world!

Wishing you all a happy St. Patrick’s day and by His intercession may our love and zeal for evangelisation be renewed and our lands restored to places of faith and worship of the one true God in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Thanks for reading!