Good afternoon all!

Yesterday I wrote a blog which I entitled “Patrick the Exorcist”. One person replied saying that he preferred the title “Patrick the lover” and it got me thinking of my own life, of the gospels and of the healing ministry.

Why are people so uncomfortable with the spiritual realm? Why is it ok to endlessly speak of ‘love’ and yet not mention spirits?

After all, God is love, God is spirit….so love without a spiritual understanding is what?

So I began thinking of the gospels! When Jesus drove the demons out of the possessed man and into the pigs do you remember how the people of the town reacted?

Yes, they were full of fear and wanted Jesus to leave the town immediately!

Has anything changed in 2000 years? Are people just as afraid now and instead of facing their fear they wish to silence or rebuke anyone who speaks about demons?

And so I asked myself the question: Patrick the lover or Patrick the exorcist?

The answer that I got back was simple! Both! “Patrick the lover and the exorcist “!!

You see a good exorcist or minister in inner-healing and deliverance needs to be both loving and gifted. Loving because one is dealing with hurting people and gifted because without a special charism of healing and deliverance the demons will not budge!

Traditionally we’ve seen on TV exorcists who may have been gifted but who certainly didn’t seem loving and of course this gave this whole area of ministry a bad name.

A bit like a trip to a scary dentist one had to weigh up the pros and the cons. While he might pull the painful tooth, one might be traumatised for life.

Similarly with the bad exorcist. He might solve one problem and create a hundred more leaving someone in a worse state than when they started.

Yet if we met someone who had a bad experience with a dentist we’d still tell them that they should visit a dentist again, just that they should visit a good one!

A good and loving dentist knows how to make the patient feel comfortable, how to minimize the pain and discomfort and how to do a good job.

In other words, they mix love with skill!

And so it is the same with inner-healing and deliverance/ exorcism ministry. It is a very important, real and much needed ministry and yet it must be done with as much love and care as possible.

Love on it’s own won’t pull a tooth or cast out a demon but love with a charism most certainly will.

Every one of us involved in this area fall short of this love that I’m talking about, me the first. Healing ministry can be stressful and exhausting and it’s not always easy to stay calm and loving at the same time.

True love is to set people free of what keeps them from God whether it be unconfessed sins or demons or a mixture of both which is usually the case. Love without power is just sympathy and power without love is brute force.

We must look to Jesus who was the perfect example of both. Sympathy and compassion moved Him to action while supernatural power moved Him to healing and exorcism.

And so it is today in 2021. We need the gentle, loving and compassionate heart of Jesus while we also need His authoritative and supernatural anointing to heal and deliver.

To be perfectly honest I’m not sure what training most exorcists get nowadays. It’s true that 90% of the exorcists that I’ve met fell into the category of grumpy old men but there was an inspiring 10% of charismatic exorcists and healing ministers who were both full of love and the power of the Spirit.

Surely these 10% show the way forward as through love and power they bring suffering and tormented souls to freedom.

Summing it all up then, we need the maximum amount of love with the maximum amount of power and we will only get that by one means… giving the maximum amount of our hearts to Jesus!

Bless you for reading,