Good afternoon world!

Well the last few days I’ve been pretty busy writing and dealing with LGBT ministry in and around the Vatican’s letter…..At a certain point the lot of it gets exhausting, repetitive and one needs a break and some new hope!

I thank God for the hall in our church where I do some sport every morning, it’s just one of the things that helps to keep me reasonably sane!!

So anyway a few days ago I stumbled on this article on Facebook. It’s in French but in summary it’s about a new religious community for girls with down syndrome.

The story is quite amazing. A young girl with a vocation to religious life met another young girl who also had a vocation except that she had down syndrome and the rest as they say is history.

It was a difficult journey because the laws of the church (canon law) didn’t allow mentally handicapped people to enter religious life….

Just like the situation nowadays with LGBT community, at times the church laws make some good people outlaws!!

Rather than despair and give up, the girls found a place to stay and an understanding bishop and shared a prayer life in a flat. From there it grew and with the help of the bishop who pleaded their case to the Vatican and guess what…eventually it worked and they got full recognition as a contemplative religious order.

Hallelujah!!! Jesus can get around the boys in Rome! šŸ¤£šŸ¤£

All of this once again got me thinking of my own life and journey and also of a story one of my old spiritual directors told me about a transgender person who had a vocation but couldn’t get accepted anywhere…

Perhaps it was prophetic as only 2 years later Jesus would introduce me to a young transgender person for whom I had to fight tooth and nail for in bringing him into the church and stand beside Him like a lion waiting to devourĀ  anybody who gave him trouble!!

My fiery temper was often put to a good use let me tell you!!

However all joking aside, as I see this community of consecrated sisters I am once again filled with hope and with certainty that one day there will be a community of consecrated LGBT people, committed to Jesus, committed to prayer, committed to evangelisation and recognized by the Church.

So let’s keep our faith and our hope because as saint Paul puts it, faith is the belief in things not yet seen and prayer is the wonderful fertiliser that brings into being what is not!!

God bless, thanks for reading and pray for us that we may do something even more wonderful for the church and the gay community and that we may meet the right people including priests and bishops to make it happen!!

All for Jesus,