Good afternoon to you all!

Yesterday was the feast of the annunciation and I took a day off blogging. I’m sure you were all devastated!!!

Instead I had a nice prayerful and reflective day and managed to get in a bit of sport. I think I mentioned ages ago that I’d begun training to do the splits and while I’m not there yet, I’m getting there and it’s good fun too!

Practice makes perfect!

Anyway as I was reflecting on the last few days it really hit me how the healing ministry is needed NOW more than ever.

Recently I was at a prayer meeting and some of the people were almost unrecognisable. I guess it’s due to a year now of the lockdown and the stress etc. that goes with it.

You see a lot of people have what I’d call a ‘natural faith’. They believe that God is good, that He loves them and that we should be nice to others. It’s a bit like the faith of the old testament!

The problem with this ‘natural faith’ is that it’s not ‘supernatural’ and so there is nothing really exciting or inspiring about it.

It excludes a close and personal relationship with Jesus, it excludes the healing ministry and miracles and it excludes any real spiritual joy or enthusiasm! To be honest it’s a sort of a dead or a faithless faith and it’s a bit like having a TV and not having the electricity to turn it on!!

The question to be asked is this: where is Jesus?!

He’s back!! Lol

And so I am convinced today more than ever that we need more and more healing ministry to bring the hope and the joy of Jesus to the people of faith who somehow have fallen into fear, anxiety and negativity.

Our Lady knows all about miracles because she had a lifetime of them between her own very conception to the supernatural conception of Jesus not to mention all that she witnesses throughout Jesus’ life and after His resurrection.

She desires to bring us from ‘natural faith’ into supernatural faith by bringing us into the supernatural life of God through the Holy Spirit.

Now more than ever we need the Spirits supernatural gifts and charisms. We need healings, conversions, miracles, praise, deliverance, adoration, intercession……

We need it all!.

And so today I invite you to pray the ‘miracle prayer’ with me for yourself and your own needs but also for our churches. Let us pray for a supernatural outpouring of the Holy Spirit and pray for priests and healers to be raised up by Jesus to bring the light and love of God to the wounded and hurting people at this time!

In the meantime, I have a big mac to finish!! Have a great day.😉