Happy palm Sunday to you all. Rayne and I went to a beautiful mass at the Carmelites in Kensington. Apparently princess Diana used to visit this very same church shortly before her death.

Anyway a year on from the coronavirus saga and still going, I got thinking about the vaccine.

The other day in Tyburn convent I picked up a leaflet on the vaccination and how it works. The usual story of introducing some of the virus into the system which in turn causes the immune system to fight it……at least in theory!

Then my thought process switched to another type of vaccine against another type of disease: the Jesus vaccine against sin.

The difference of course with Jesus vaccination against sin is that instead of introducing a small dose of something potentially harmful into the system, Jesus introduces Himself into our system.

As we receive Jesus (with faith) our spiritual immune system sky rockets. Just like hot water in an icy windshield Jesus attacks our coldness, our hardness, our unforgiveness and He also attacks the demons who tirelessly try to bring us down.

And since the spiritual is so related to the physical, when we receive Jesus with faith it greatly benefits our physical health too.

And so at times it saddens me that a year on there is often more hope placed in some stupid vaccination than in Jesus.

I hear people talking of how great it will be when things get back to normal and how the world will be saved by a vaccination and to be honest it sickens me!!

Are our memories so short that we think that the world pre covid was so perfect?! Surely not! And do we really believe that if Covid was gone that we’d all be happy?! Surely not.

Jesus didn’t die on the cross anr leave behind a vaccination for his disciples to administer! He died and left us with His body and blood and with priests and bishops to give it to us!

And so I’ll finish by saying that regardless of whether you get the vacation or not, cast your eyes towards Jesus and remind yourself that there is a far greater disease out there called sin and that it already has a 2000 year tried and tested vaccine called Jesus!!!

May we prepare our lives and souls according for the celebration of Easter next Sunday.

Bless you all, thanks for reading and keep us in your thoughts and prayers.