Good morning to you all and I wish u in advance a very holy Holy Week.

Like everything, the more we put in the more we get out and this is why Jesus calls us to trusting Him entirely and surrendering all of our lives to Him so that we can indeed be Holy! Without this surrender our outward holiness is nothing more than a display just like putting an expensive suit on a beggar for a day.

One man who has surrender more than most is this very brave American priest who is openly gay and celibate.

His interview is very powerful and I really encourage you to watch it regardless of whether you are gay or straight yourself. Courage is contagious!

He came out as gay at 51 after years of struggling and he was overwhelmed by the positive reaction of his congregation. Shockingly he estimates that there are only about 10 openly gay priests out there while estimates say that up to 80% of priests may in fact be gay!

So why come out as a gay priest if the church closet is so large and spacious?

This man tells us why!

To break the silence and hypocrisy in the church and to be a light of hope to others and thus break the vicious circle of closeted gay priests living double lives.

Fr James Martin, the most outspoken advocate for gay priests says that ‘if all the gay priests came out then the church would be forced to deal with the issue of homosexuality’.

And I’d go further and say if the gay priests came out then they’d be freed of the fear and shame that has held them captive and that their new found freedom, honesty and joy would be an inspirational witness to the power of Jesus, the love of God and the power of authenticity.

As it is closeted priests preach one thing with their words and yet another with their actions. The theory says be who you are because God loves you while the actions scream ‘hide who you are”.

This scourge of secrecy is like a slow moving cancer in our church and it spreads from one issue to the other.

It’s not just about the gay closet, it’s about 1000 other closets in the church where people feel they have to hide. There is a divorse closet, a contraception closet, a transgender closet, a poverty closet, a spiritual closet….

Yet Jesus calls us to coming as we are, to being open and vulnerable and honest and to growing in holiness and wholeness step by step.

And so today at the beginning of Holy week I pray for priests and especially gay priests. I pray that they will have the courage to come out of the closet of shame and secrecy and to integrate fully their priesthood with their person so that they may walking witnesses of the love and truth of Jesus and the joy of being His disciples.

May the Holy Spirit give them the courage that they need to break the cycle for future generations of priests for the good of the church, the gay community and the whole world.

Thanks for reading and here is the link to the video: