Good morning from London’s Hyde Park where I’ve started to run again. Yesterday we had a sunny day of 22c and the park was thronged. With the strong smell of weed pretty much everywhere it could just as well have been renamed as ‘High’ park!

Anyway all that aside this week is Holy week and so the week of the cross.

The language of the cross is a mysterious language of life and death. We speak of suffering and sacrifice and surrender and in the same breath we speak of life, joy, happiness and freedom!

It can sound like a terrible contradiction and confuse us to the core of what we believe that love is.

Often we associate love with being nice and kind a little bit like a little girls tea party and not the suffering sacrificial love of the cross.

And sadly we often have truth without love or love without truth.

It is a very difficult balance to find truth and love and I think parents must know this more than anyone as they love their kids and at the same time they want to protect them from things like drugs etc.

And when kids don’t listen? Contact Margaret Moloney (my mum) for that answer!!!!! Often they learn the hard way later!!

And so this week as we follow Jesus and as we allow Him to work on our hearts we will come face to face with our pride, our impatience, our stubbornness,our anger, our hatred, our   indifference, our unbelief and we will see more and more our own need for healing and transformation.

Yet just as on the day of the crucifixion, some had no idea who Jesus was nor what was happening and so too with us.

As we pray and go to confession and mass and surrender our lives even more to Jesus, some will simply laugh at us and think that we are crazy for not just enjoying the sunshine.

Jesus experienced all this too from His own followers and from the scribes and the pharisees. They didn’t understand His life or His suffering and not only did some of them not value it, they despised Him and hated Him and thought that He was a monster inspired by Satan.

This week we too will experience this as some of us will get mocked and ridiculed by ‘friends’, family, housemates, the media and we must do as Jesus did….

We must not engage with these people too much only look to the cross, look to the heavenly father, offer our prayers and tears for these people and shout as Jesus shouted;

‘Father forgive them, they know not what they do’

Trusting that God sees our prayers, hears our hearts and may use our tears to bless these people with the supernatural grace of conversion of heart just like the centurion who pierced the heart of Jesus.

So I do not wish you all a holy week without suffering but rather I wish you a Holy week with Jesus and with His grace, mercy and understanding so that like Him we may be full of joy even if we too are being crucified in different ways for our faith!

Keep me in your prayers and if you find this blog helpful please do consider helping me a little financially so that I may continue to spread the love and language of the cross to more and more people.