Hello from a dark and cloudy London where the weather is almost reminding us of the terrible event that happened 2000 years ago when Jesus was innocently crucified.

Of course great good came out of it but it’s important to be clear, Jesus’ crucifixion was a very evil act. Just because God can bring good out of evil does not make evil good or evildoers saints!

So why did I call the blog “Bad Friday”?

I did that to allow us to reflect on it from a different angle because when we say something is good, it’s because we are comparing it to what is bad!

And often our appreciation for what is good can greatly increase when we understand why it’s good and what the alternative is.

Yesterday was Holy Thursday and the celebration of the institution of the Eucharist. The Eucharistic being the mystical medication that can heal us and transform us into saints.

Up to that point in history there was no eucharist and the doors of heaven were still closed.

So you see ‘Good Friday’ was a very bad day for Satan and for sin because finally they were destroyed.

This means that good Friday was a very bad day for our pride, our lust, our anger, our selfishness, our unbelief, our sloth, our jealousy, our gluttony….

So you see good Friday is good news and bad news because although Jesus saved us, if we don’t apply the fruits of this to our lives through the various ways and means offered by the church then we’ll still end up perishing and going to hell!!

This is the chilling reality! On good Friday Jesus reopened the doors of heaven but let us remember that He won’t force anyone to walk through them!

This means that we must take what Jesus did on good Friday very seriously and that we must devote our lives as best we can to pleasing Jesus and to cooperating with His plan for our salvation.

We do this through the church, through prayer and through the sacraments with the help of Our Lady and if we choose to ignore Jesus and the call to holiness then good Friday will indeed be a very bad Friday for us when we find out all the sins of omission that we are guilty of.

And so when we think of good Friday and then of the responsibility that we have to cooperate with it, we can’t help but feel sad for today’s lost world where there is such little love or care for Jesus and where sin seems to be almost considered as a virtue of freedom.

We can’t get close to Jesus and not feel His pain for today’s world and the desperate need for the conversion of masses of people.

And so on this good Friday, let’s do our best to make it a good Friday for Jesus by giving Him more of our lives and hearts and availability and vow to do our best to make Him known through our words, actions and deeds less we continue to hurt Him through our indifference and lukewarmness.

So I wish you all a very good “Good Friday” and may it indeed by a very bad Friday for Satan and his legions of demons who fight tirelessly to destroy people’s lives and souls.