Good afternoon!

This Holy Saturday we can really ask ourselves the question ‘where is Jesus?’ for a few reasons.

1. For those of us with access to churches, the tabernacles are empty and Jesus seems absent.

2. For those without access to churches like in Ireland, Jesus seems perhaps even more absent….

And finally

3. For those of us who have seen footage of police coming and stopping over-crowded good friday services we once again ask the question where is Jesus?

Perhaps the answer to this can be found in Our Lady’s last message to Mirjana in Medjugorje.

Dear children! Maternally I invite you to return to the joy  and  truth of the Gospel. To  return to the  love  of my Son, since He awaits you with open arms. So that everything you do in life you do with my Son,  with love . So that you are blessed. So that  your spirituality  is internal, and not just external. Only in this way will you be humble, generous, filled with love and joyful. And my maternal heart will rejoice with you. Thank you.”

I deliberately put one line in bold because it’s the key to it all.

Our Lady is inviting us more and more to seeking Jesus inside of us and this is a place where no police can go, where no social distancing restrictions apply, where Jesus is always waiting.

And you see this is what Our Lady is teaching us because this is what she did.

On Holy Saturday Jesus was nowhere to be found on this earth but He was to be found through prayer.

Even if all the churches in the world closed tomorrow, Jesus would still be with us but the question is would we be able to find Him?

Would we seek Him in prayer or would we be like the disciples who went back fishing thinking that He was gone for good?!

And so you see these difficult times that we live in are also privileged times because they are times of very great opportunity.

Opportunity to grow our faith, to interiorise our prayer life, to grow closer to Jesus in a personal way, to grow closer to the Holy Spirit and to Our Lady, to cultivate an even greater love and understanding of the sacraments, to love our priests more, to see the ways of the world for what they are, to realise that we are only pilgrims on this earth…..

And so this Holy Saturday let us take the hand of Our Lady and ask her to make our spirituality internal and to fill us with the faith and hope that she had on that Holy Saturday as she patiently awaited the joy and victory of the resurrection!

So no long faces today, no moaning and groaning about the coronavirus or the closed churches but rather let’s put all our hope and energy into loving and praising Jesus who is with us and who can never be separated from us!

May God bless us all with the gift of interior prayer and spirituality.