Good afternoon!!

Today Rayne played me a song from his childhood “you are loved” and how perfectly it fits with this week and the upcoming feast of the divine mercy.

In truth many of us have some special song or memory from our youth which we played over and over again in difficult times and maybe what we didn’t realise is how the Holy Spirit was using these songs and words to strengthen us and to remind us of God.

One of my own favourites that I mentioned before was “old cottage in the country” that brought me to tears when I lived in Australia.

The Holy Spirit you see uses every opportunity to reach out to us and He can touch us through songs and events that seem to have no relevance at all to Him!!

In today’s gospel reading Jesus healed a man who had been crippled for years. Fr Keith asked us if we knew any crippled people and then made us think and ask ourselves if we know any spiritually crippled people?

Do you know anyone that doesn’t know that they are loved? That feels constant and crippling guilt, shame, depression, anxiety and despair. That perhaps is on the brink of suicide?

I thank God that I know many people like this and that I used to be one of them and that now Jesus uses me to help and love these people as best I can.

At times you don’t have to do anything extraordinary. Simply holding someone’s hand or giving them a hug can mean far more to them than you can ever imagine. A kind word, a smile, 2 minutes of your time can change their day and bring them from the darkness into the light.

This is what the message of the divine mercy is all about. The unfathomable healing love of Jesus for every single soul. The startling reality that every single human being is loved and is called into a one to one personal and intimate relationship with God.

Some people didn’t grow up with much love or knowledge of God and went down the wrong path. These ‘big sinners’ as we might say are no worse than any of us. Had we grown up as they did we might be worse sinners than them!

And so as we prepare for Sunday let’s ask Jesus for 2 special graces.

1. For the conversion of heart of spiritual cripples who don’t know in their hearts that they are loved.


2. For Jesus to open and soften our hearts so much that we can love them without the least bit of judgement or pride.

Now finally if you have a few minutes to spare. Stop what you are doing, play your favourite song and let the love of Jesus bring you to tears!

Have a wonderful day knowing that YOU ARE LOVED!