Good afternoon from a rather cool London where temperatures have dropped since last week.

Yesterday a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to get a blessing from a relic of Padre Pio and so I did! Pio knew a lot about God’s love and mercy so I’m hoping he’ll help me to convey it even better by living it!

“If anyone says anything to me about ye, I’ll kill them” the lady said to me knowing that many give us a hard time and spread all sorts of rumours about us because we’re gay Catholics.

Instead of jumping on the band wagon of judgement this woman hopped on the train of love and mercy and isn’t that exactly what Jesus would do?

Another little incident happened yesterday too. I was in the church and this lady seemed to be making a ridiculous amount of noise with her bags. I went over to investigate and there was Mary who was putting tinfoil underneath the candle holders to gather the wax. Over 80 and serving the Lord in her own little way, how could I be annoyed even if she was making more noise than a bomb?!

“The noise isn’t going to stop” I thought so I decided to be a part of the noise instead as I offered to help her!

Anyway after about 30 minutes it was done and another lady came up to me and thanked me for my work! I was half expecting a telling off for making noise so it was so kind and sweet of the lady to be so encouraging!

And then this morning the opposite happened when a guy comes up to me and out of nowhere in a rather self righteous manner asked me if I was sexually active or not!

Smiling I told him that he didn’t know me well enough to ask me such questions and that it was actually quite indiscreet of him! Puzzled he decided that we were on different ‘spiritual levels’……I thought so too as I pondered on what level idiots belong to! I happily walked off.

Anyway all of it got me thinking of the power of our words and actions and how with our actions and words we can either be agents of mercy or agents of judgement.

And so once again today let us do our best to be loving and encouraging to others who are doing their best and are serving God. If we have to correct someone or if we have a concern, let’s do it with love and mercy and discretion and if we have the opportunity to encourage someone, instead of remaining silent let’s do it!

Have a great day!