Good evening from London where this morning we found out that the queen’s husband, Prince Philip died.

It was also the day that we prayed for the souls in purgatory for the divine mercy novena…..

Nowadays it isn’t considered cool or even christian to talk about purgatory. To suggest to a family that their loved one might be in purgatory might get you a slap in the face!

I’ve always been good friends with the dead. They complain less, they pray more and they are more reliable. At least the ones that chose Jesus.

Yet from my own personal experiences of souls in purgatory to the experience of others to the teachings of the church, purgatory is real and a place where very many go.

Jesus summed it up in what He said to Faustina. They are making retribution to God’s justice while they are in great pain which is why they need our prayers.

When I lived in Australia I spent 6 months with a religious community in Canberra called the Missionaries of God’s Love and on a Friday we used to have a day of silent prayer. Often I used to visit the graveyard and have a chat with my friends!

What used to surprise me were the headstones and items left on the graves.

“Now Johnny is in heaven enjoying his beer and fags with Jesus” kind of thing.

I often wondered if people think that heaven is just a continuation of earth. If it is then I want my money back!!

As much and all as I enjoy things like Pizza and coke, I sure hope that heaven has a little more to offer!!

Of course those of us who pray and read the lives of the saints and the teachings of the church know that heaven is a place of absolute perfection and is nothing like earth. This is why our souls need purification because God’s standards are so high.

And so today as we mourn the soul of prince Philip we are once again reminded of the inevitability of our death and the need to both prepare our own souls and pray for those souls in purgatory who need our prayers.

Purgatory is a part of God’s mercy and while we can never trust enough in His mercy we must remember that His mercy does not eliminate His justice but rather satisfies it.

Our prayers especially today and this weekend of grace have got the power to free many souls from purgatory and bring souls into the eternal glory of heaven rather than a fantasy beer drinking party with Jesus!

And so this evening let’s say a prayer for Prince Philip in case that he needs them and let’s pray also for all the other souls in purgatory thristing for God and thirsting for freedom.

May God bless and console the royal family tonight and may the precious blood of Jesus flow down on the souls of our loved ones so that one day when we die they’ll be there waiting for us to cheer us home!

Tomorrow we pray for the lukewarm. Let’s not be one of them!