Good evening!

Tomorrow is divine mercy Sunday, a wonderful day to receive lots of graces of mercy for both ourselves and others!

Of course mercy is all about the love of Jesus transforming our lives and bringing us into communion with God and society. It’s about being fully alive, fully healed, fully holy.

This is why Jesus asks us to keep coming back to His mercy because He wants us to want it! In other words He wants us to thirst to be saints, to be holy and to be with Him in heaven.

Satan’s job is therefore to dull us down and to discourage us.

Don’t ask for too much, don’t aspire to be a saint, don’t make much effort, don’t overdo it with prayer…

In other words be mediocre!

But the trouble is that once he has you on the path of mediocracy he’ll gradually introduce you to the path of laziness, apathy and sloth!

Lukewarm souls are often even applauded in today’s world and church under the banner of ‘balanced’ and ‘nice’ and ‘reasonable’ while enthusiastic souls are often classed as prideful, irresponsible and unruly!

Indeed today’s first reading highlighted this with St. Peter getting into trouble with the religious authorities for preaching and teaching the people about Jesus with zeal and confidence.

Sadly nowadays lukewarmness and indifference are paraded as virtues. Lukewarm souls can appear as peaceful souls, not because they are close to God but because they are far away and don’t give a hoot about Him!!

Lukewarm souls are like slow moving snails during a fire! They fail to see the urgency and while they may enjoy a certain peace, it won’t last for long when the fire gets them!!

Lukewarm souls are very little moved by prayer or by spiritual things and find talking about such things dull and boring. They have little sense of the importance of prayer and even less sense of God’s need for their prayers.

And because of this they have very little understanding of things like justice and reconciliation because they just don’t see the point!

Even Jesus Himself says that His soul suffered a dreadful loathing because of these souls and yet there He was suffering for them too praying and hoping they’d wake up out of their ignorance and slumber.

And so this evening as we prepare for tomorrow’s divine mercy Sunday let us pray that God touches the parts of our own lives and hearts that may be a bit lukewarm and that He wakes us up and gives us the courage and the zeal to be fully alive for Jesus and for saving souls.

Let us pray that He heals us of all fears of what others might think, of being considered mad, of wanting to be liked, of compromise and of silence and that He fills us from the inside out with the divine love and wisdom that turned a group of uneducated ordinary fishermen into the greatest lovers of Jesus and evangelisation that ever lived!

Thanks for reading!