Hello my friends!

Just before I started to write I saw this photo of bishop Phonsie in Ireland walking through the streets of what I guess to be Waterford.

Good on him for stepping out and bringing Jesus to the people since the people can’t come to Jesus!

It got me thinking! It’s already a grace of mercy to realise that we need God’s mercy.

Often I think of the image of a bird that can’t fly and has learnt to survive on the ground. If you or I saw it we’d say “poor bird” and if one of us was a vet we might take it home and fix it’s wings!

But what if the bird was born with broken wings and so never even knew what it was to fly or that it was even a possibility? He’d never reach his potential and he’d never be free and how God made him to be!

We are those birds, born with broken wings due to sin and through the help of God’s mercy we are learning to fly!

But not all of us because some people are like that bird, they think that it’s normal to live lives without God, they think that it’s just part of life to be miserable and suffer and they never aspire to breaking free and learning to fly!

In other words they are so miserable that they don’t even see that they are miserable.

Without a certain grace these souls are like a dead car battery on a frosty morning, nothing can be done. They need to be jump started and woken up by a live wire….

They need to learn that their true identity is as a child of God and that they are called by Him for great things!

Like the bird that learns that he’s a bird, they then need to learn to pray and to fly into the arms of the merciful Jesus.

They need to shed the weights of the past, they need to strengthen their wings and learn to fly among the others .

And this is where they need the church, the sacraments, the community, the healing ministry……

On this Sunday often we pray for the most hardened sinners. The ones that have lost all hope and have settled with that. The dead batteries!

We pray that Jesus will kick start them again and that they’ll wake up to the reality of His love and His call for their lives.

Now if that grace isn’t worth a drum roll then I don’t know what is!


So today let’s see ourselves as those broken birds. Some of us have started the flying lessons and journey of prayer  many years ago and yet we are still learning to fly higher and to fly more comfortably. We need ongoing graces of strength, trust and peace!

Others are still on the ground and haven’t yet received the grace or understood it and think that they can find happiness on the ground eating worms..they need the ‘wake up grace”!

And others are newly converted and need very many graces of perseverance, wisdom, strength etc.

So anyway, whichever category you fall into it doesn’t matter because we are all in need of the same thing….more grace and more mercy. And this is exactly why Jesus told Faustina to keep coming back for more grace again and again and again.

So let’s not settle to be birds with broken wings that don’t fly nor to be small weak little birds that can only fly a few metres before getting tired!

Let’s set our eyes on heaven and be like the eagle who dares to soar to new heights. It may take us 20 years or even 40 years to get there but who cares, we’ll have all of eternity to reap the rewards!

So yes, on this Sunday of divine mercy may we set our eyes on the heavens, may we thirst to fly high and may we lean on the empowering grace of His divine mercy to get there!

Jesus, I trust in you, may I never give up no matter how hard things get or no matter the opposition.

Bless you for reading and bless your lives, families and loved ones with more grace!