Hello from a little church in Soho’s Warwick Street where I’ve just attended a beautiful mass.

You may recall that a few days ago I wrote about this very indiscreet guy that just walked up to me and asked me if I was having sex!

Well today the opposite happened and I think it’s a lesson for us all.

At my local coffee shop I have become friends with an elderly lady. She lives alone and she is remarkably kind and intelligent. Over the last year we got talking and we’ve both enjoyed one another’s company.

So anyway she goes like this (in a posh London accent):

“I feel we know eachother for quite some time and that we have become friends and I say that as a compliment. We have shared in depth and vulnerably with one another which is why I feel I can ask you this question. If I didn’t know you I would not ask”.

With a disclaimer like that she could have asked me anything!!

And then came the question:

“Where do people like you (gay) meet other people like you?”

That’s all she wanted to know!!

What respect, understanding and sensitivity from this Lady in her 80’s who has never ceased to surprise me by her openness, her kindness and her willingness to learn new things despite her age!

I explained to her about the internet, a world she is unfamiliar with and how people connect online.

With a smile she said that she had no intention of ever using it and that she couldn’t understand why the people that complain continuously about what’s on it don’t simple stop looking at it!!

Her simplicity and wisdom was refreshing and a lesson that no matter what our age we have something to offer the world.

Anyway I better go now and find Rayne before he gets lost in Soho but let us all take a valuable lesson from this lady.

When tricky or delicate questions and topics must be addressed, let’s not avoid them or run away from them but rather with as much kindness, sensitivity and respect for the other person let’s do as this lady did which I believe is exactly what Our Lady would do if she was beside us and had something to ask.

Have a wonderful day secure in the wisdom and love of Jesus who is forever loving us and training us to be saints.