Good morning world from a beautiful sunny London where life is beginning to come back onto the streets and onto people’s faces with the lockdown restrictions easing.

This morning I got up early and went to the gym. I was there at 7am which is a first for me. It made me think of how much God has healed and transformed my life and how age has never really been a factor.

There is a film called ‘The curious case of Benjamin Button’ with Brad Pitt where the boy is born with an old body which gets younger as he grows older in age!

Often I think that I was born with an old soul that is getting younger with age and I know that I’m not alone.

In my 20’s I was already ready to die. I saw no point or meaning to life, I’d qualified as an actuary, reached my goal and I was ready for retirement and death!! The most depressing thought at the time was that my physical health was good and longevity was in the family and so on average I’d live for another 60 years.

(I was an actuary and that’s what actuaries too, figure out we’ll die and sell insurance).

It took Jesus to come into my life and to reboot me from the inside out and to see my life and indeed life in general in a totally new way.

Jesus changed my mindset, my goals, my attitude, my purpose, my belief systems, my will…..everything!

A lot of modern day therapies for depression and anxiety are also based on inner change.

From NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) to hypnosis to RTT ( rapid transformational therapy) to the Silva Mind Control and more, the principle is the same….change.

Negative subconscious belief systems limit us and sabotage us and without some inner intervention make life hell.

Think of a tooth that needs a filling. You can brush it all you like, it won’t get any better because the problem is on the inside.

A dentist is needed to get in there and fix it up and so too with our minds. A surgeon is also needed to get into our stored subconscious belief systems to pull the bad ones out and to replace them with new ones….a spiritual implant you could say!

Sadly all these therapies that I mentioned earlier have very seldom any mention of God and the main aim is to help you to become a successful, powerful and rich human being with the world at your fingertips.

It’s a terrible pity because so much of what they teach is true. They pull up the negative belief systems alright but sadly they often replace them by the belief systems of the world.

I know about all these therapies as I tried pretty much all of them when I was depressed and none of them helped because I was thristing for an answer that they couldn’t give me …”where is God on all this?”.

Eventually I had an experience of Jesus and He became my therapist. He rooted out my old belief systems about myself and the world and He replaced them by new belief systems. NOT how to be a super rich successful businessman with a yacht but to be a loved child of God.

Over the years I met many different therapists and healing ministers who work with the mind and with Jesus and this is known as the inner healing and deliverance ministry or ‘healing of memories’ as you may hear it called.

A simple negative memory and belief system from 20 years ago can be like walking about with a stone in your shoe. It can cause untold discomfort in your life.

Ultimately only Jesus can set us free but Jesus uses people to help him such as priests and lay people with gifts.

As He teaches us to align His will with both our conscience minds and with our subconscious minds, like Benjamin Button in the film that I mentioned, we can be transformed utterly and as we grow older in age we become younger, freer and happier in spirit!

This is the true freedom that Jesus wants for each and every one of us. This is the power of prayer, understanding and cooperation with the Holy Spirit. This is God’s plan for His church.

So let’s seek out inner healing and deliverance, let’s learn about the Holy Spirit and how He heals and let’s transform the church and world with the love, power and wisdom of Jesus!

Have an amazing day!!