Good morning from another bright and Sunny London day.

Recently there has been a motion to have gay conversion therapy banned in the UK and only a few days ago Boris (prime minister) decided that while dangerous conversion therapy should be banned, gay Christians seeking support and prayer should be allowed to do so.

As I have told Pink News: “As a Christian, I too take Freedom of Religious very seriously – up until the point that it causes harm. We know that spiritual abuse occurs in various religious settings, which is why there are already precedents of when the government has intervened to protect people from harm.

In this context, prayer that allows true and free exploration of someone’s sexuality or gender identity, without a pre-determined outcome, is right and proper.

However, prayer that focuses on ensuring someone conforms to a “norm” causes untold damage, is degrading and leads many to contemplate taking their lives. It must be banned, and perpetrators must face the full force of the law.

From my point of view I agree wholeheartedly with Boris. Prayer is powerful and just like anything that is powerful it can be misused.

The gay community don’t seem so happy which disappoints me. It seems like they want a blanket ban on prayer and are unwilling to acknowledge the good that prayer can do when done properly in an understanding community.

So I got thinking why?

Perhaps it’s because many gay people have never experienced good prayer and so don’t know its value and they immediately associate prayer with God wanting to turn them straight….

Perhaps it’s also because Boris’ statement while nice in theory is almost impossible to govern in practice and so dangerous conversion programs may continue.

And perhaps there is an element where the gay community are not playing fair. Sure they have been very wounded by the church (as have I) but can they use the mistakes of the church to reject God and live lives without prayer and without ongoing conversion of heart? Surely not.

And so once again it seems that Satan is at work as he tries to shut down and dismiss the good works in the church and the positive effects of prayer while simultaneously putting all the focus on the mistakes and hurts the church is responsible for.

As an LGBT catholic I do not feel represented, protected or respected by the gay community when they deny Jesus and prayer and seem to think that the secret to happiness is to be found in their own hands and ideas.

And so what to do only to continue to pray, to continue to be the light and to show the church and the world that God loves gays, that prayer for gays can be awesome and that true happiness for the LGBT community will only ever be found when they accept Jesus and when they are given their proper place on our churches.

Have a great day and let’s pray for poor Boris. It can’t be easy being so heavily criticized no matter what he says or does.