Good afternoon from quite a sunny London.

This morning I went to the gym with Rayne who showed me how to use some machines that I’d never tried before.

It was fun and it got me thinking of how we grow spiritually by discovering new things about our faith and overcoming some obstacles.

Some people seem to have a very strong faith but yet when challenged by   certain things they don’t know how to reply. While they will never lose their genuine love for Jesus, their lack of learning will hinder them from toning up some other spiritual muscles and developing a deeper understanding of what they believe.

Others on the other hand have understanding and explanations coming out their ears and yet at times seem to have no faith at all! Somehow their intellect blocks their hearts and the Holy Spirit has little room to act.

This was certainly the case at a mass I was at last night. The priest began by casting doubt on the credibility of the gospels, deleting some bits that ‘obviously didn’t happen’ before reassuring us at the end that Jesus probably did rise again on account of St. Paul’s testimony!!

Honestly it was one of the most confusing and heretical homilies that I ever heard and as I sat in the pew I felt ashamed to be a catholic.

If I brought someone that was new to the faith to that or indeed some of the people that I meet during my ministry of evangelisation….what could or would I say to them?

It was perhaps the most dry uninspiring and spiritually dangerous homily that I ever heard and it seemed to kill the faith rather than bring it to life.

At times I’m not sure that priests realise the enormous responsibility that they have in God’s eyes to grow souls in faith through solid teaching and prayer.

Padre Pio certainly realised as did the countless other saints who faithfully served Jesus and the people.

To be a priest is to Shepard a flock and to love and direct them spiritually and yet sadly many priests are very lacking in their understanding of spiritual guidance.

The priests job is to discern the action of the Holy Spirit in each soul and in His parish and then to grow it! His job isn’t to come in with his own ideas and agendas but rather to humbly pray and follow God’s ideas.

God often works in funny ways and through funny people and this may challenge the priest. I’ve heard of many priests that hated the charismatic healing and deliverance ministry when the first encountered it but because they prayed the Lord opened their eyes and they grew to love it.

However I’ve met those too who obstinately refused to change or accept the charismatic workings of the Spirit and they became bitter little men who caused much suffering and grievance to good and holy people.

Fortunately this afternoon I was at mass at the Carmelites and I heard a great homily which was filled with love and faith for the living Jesus and for the mission of evangelisation.

The difference was startling to be honest.

And so today my prayer is for priests. I pray especially that they love Jesus and that they be open to the different ways that Jesus works in His church.

I pray also for priests who have become prideful and bitter and have lost the spark of love and learning of the Holy Spirit. May they be given the grace for both their own sakes and for the sake of those around them to repent of their ways and to become humble disciples of Jesus and Mary.

I also pray for the countless souls who’s spiritual lives have been severely damaged by bad priests. May they find healing and forgiveness and may Jesus guide them to the right priests and people able to understand and guide them.

Thanks for reading and let us console Jesus and Mary as much as possible for the terrible suffering they endure on account of some priests