Good morning from London where the weather is absolutely beautiful. Clouds are expected later so the phrase “make hay while the sun shines comes to mind”…..or in my case coffee!

Anyway I’m just back from the gym where God is stretching me. You see the gym would have been the last place on earth that I’d have gone to years ago for heaps of reasons.

For starters I was always small and thin for my age and looking at guys years younger than me who were far fitter and stronger did nothing for my self esteem.

Secondly I got bored very easily, had no clue how to use any of the machines and would have been too awkward to ask.

And finally, being in the gym surrounded by hot guys confirmed something that I didn’t know how to deal with…..”You’re gay”!

And so the world of study became the perfect cover for this area of my life that needed healing and after my conversion to some extent so did prayer.

At times we can pray too much and use prayer to hide from areas of our lives that God wishes to heal. Many shelter behind Our Lady’s mantle as we should in times of trial but sadly many never come out from behind it and stay cooped up in fear.

I don’t know why but I’ve always been very open to God and both His ways and challenges. It’s always been quite logical to me that to let God heal me then it’s up to me to let Him lead me and that will obviously mean facing my demons and doing things with His grace that I wouldn’t ordinarily do!

Some might say that I’ve taken it to the extreme. I would argue that it’s Jesus who took my “I surrender” to an extreme that I wasn’t expecting but obeyed.

Anyway all of this to say that God is thirsty to give us more healing, more freedom and more happiness and He absolutely loves it when we are open to it because that’s what Jesus died for and the freer we are the more others can see the power of Jesus through us

More healing though will mean more challenges and it will mean moving out of your comfort zone. God may challenge you in very ordinary things from the clothes you wear to the way you do your hair to the prayers you say and the friends you keep!!

God is constantly renewing things and changing us and this requires being very attentive and learning when to let go of one thing and start another.

This is also true for ministry. Someone might have an amazing healing gift and yet God might ask them to put it aside for a season while He asks them to concentrate on something else.

Obedience to the Holy Spirit is everything which is why we cannot pray enough to the ‘mother of docility’, Our Lady.

Like everything else, every time we start something new some of our insecurities and wounds come up and inner wounds are the devil’s toys. He likes to play with them and make as much noise as possible in order to discourage us.

Yet this same disturbance is exactly what will being us more healing if and when we learn to bring the blockages and wounds to Jesus for healing with both prayer and the sacraments.

There is nothing that Satan hates more than when God uses him and his tricks to bring us to more healing and freedom.

The “Unbound” deliverance ministry is a very good example of this as they discuss healing and deliverance prayer for inner wounds.

I once was at a conference in Medjugorje where the founder was speaking and while he successfully has an internationally recognized healing ministry in the catholic church, he said something very humble.

You were expecting me to tell you? Yea right, I’m keeping the secret for me!!

Just kidding and no it’s not burgers and chips! He said that even after all these years of ministry around the world that he’s still getting more healing and more freedom bit by bit.

This might sound a bit depressing to some. Does it ever end you might be asking?

Well that’s the wrong attitude. God loves us each day as we are, He changes us to allow us to be even more happy and while it is a long process, it’s also exciting, exhilarating and in the eyes of eternity….very short!!

So my message to you all today is to keep on pursuing your own personal healing regardless of your ministry or function.

The more you get personal healing the more that it will in turn enhance your ministry and work and bear fruit.

See it as an investment rather than a burden and remind yourself that the most precious gift that you can give Jesus is not your work, is not your ministry, is not your ideas but is your heart and your obedience to His ways.

So today I pray that whoever you are, whether you know Jesus for 5 minutes or for 50 years, that He places in your heart an insatiable thirst for more healing, more freedom, more happiness and more of Him!

Have a day of …MORE!!