Good morning!

I’m an early bird this morning as I didn’t sleep too well but hey!

This morning I want to write about an experience that I had yesterday and the love of God the father.

After mass I felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to walk up towards Hyde Park via Queesway, a pretty lively vibrant area and not really the sort of place you’d want to be at night.

After a £3 Tesco meal deal I felt Jesus tell me to sit for a coffee. You might think that I do nothing except drink coffees but trust me, nothing could be further from the truth. It’s often during these coffee stops that God inspires me and guides me in what to do next.

As I sat there I felt somewhat disheartened. Evangelisation can be very difficult at times as you don’t really know what impact you are making and if you’re making any at all.

At times you feel the spiritual state of the area that your in and at times it can seep in and leave you really doubting yourself. Questions like ‘if God is so important, how come these people look fine without any sign of him?” And “is this just one big waste of time and effort? nobody cares’.

And so as I sat there I had the above storm in my head and then God began to speak to me through an inner experience.

Firstly He showed me His immense joy to see all these people about. Queensway is full of life and I could feel God’s joy to see people buzzing about.

And then suddenly I felt a sadness as He showed me how little He was known in that area and how He felt sadness to see so many of His children like lost sheep.

You see although there was a lot of life in this area, one didn’t feel a lot of joy and worry and burdens were written all over people’s faces.

One must be careful not to judge while at the same time discerning the spirit of the place and being real.

What really hit me though was God’s love for this area and people. I felt no judgement. God knows that some people don’t grow up with much love and life sends them down the wrong path before they know it. It’s so easy to get caught up in worlds of hatred, addiction and all sorts if disfuncionality.

Yet in His justice God sees the hearts of these people and so He looks past the bad language, the tattoos and earrings, the dirty looks, the aggressive body language and He sees something deeper…..His children.

At times as Catholics we have been terribly conditioned by the church to keep away from these kinds of people and form certain a type of ‘holy huddle’ in our churches with people just like us.

We were taught to put rules before relationship and church teachings before individual consciences.

We were taught to write books about Jesus and love and mercy and yet to avoid the very groups of people who need it the most. No amount of seminars will bring love to these people only getting out there among them like Jesus Himself did!

And so today as I reflect on the Father’s love, it strikes me how we must be a humble people and we must reach out in love to people who have never experienced it. We must not be afraid to talk to strangers and to listen to their stories and even to pray with them if possible. We don’t need to bible bash them or put them down. Usually they are very aware that they haven’t lived up to the demands of the bible…..but what they might not be aware of is the love of the Father for them regardless!

So yes, come Holy Spirit, use us to bring people back to the heart of the father and in doing so help us get to know Him better too so that from the heart we can just cry ‘dad’!!

Have a great day and please pray for me….as I mentioned earlier, I get discouraged at times too!