Good afternoon!

Yesterday I saw am imagine on Facebook of a French community who organise evangelisation weeks for young people in the south of France.

They go out on the beaches and approach people to talk about faith matters.

My first thought which was definitely not inspired by God was “why bother?” which is sort of funny since I do so much evangelisation myself and even more funny because I spent almost 2 years with that French community and participated in beach evangelisation more than once!

So why the negativity I pondered? Well obviously it’s because one doesn’t always see massive results for evangelisation and at times one wonders what on earth they are doing!

But then it hit me! Evangelisation might not have grown their faith but it grew mine!

Evangelisation helped me to grow in confidence in the face of critical questions, it helped me ask questions that I’d never have asked before, it helped me to see the world from different perspectives and most of all it sent me to prayer time after time when I was disheartened!

And so today it was timely that in the middle of the exercise hall in the gym an older gay man dressed all in yellow began to chat me up. He was doing a different type of evangelisation!!

Anyway we got talking about Jesus and being gay and the church in the middle of the hall with God only knows who listening! I thought that it was so funny because I’d have sooner died than done that before!!

To make it even more funny it turns out that he lives on my road and he knew one of the priests from years back, Michael Hollings.

What did he remember? He remembered that Michael allowed a gay Caribbean man to stay there who subsequently died of aids.

And so that brings me onto my next point in evangelisation. You never know what the other will actually remember and what impact it may have in their lives!

And so today I remind myself and I remind you to evangelise and to speak about your faith and about Jesus. You might get some people who don’t like it but don’t worry, these hard nuts will survive. Focus instead on the people who will listen and who you will help and who knows, maybe one day you’ll find yourself in the middle of the gym talking about Jesus to a man dressed in yellow!!!

Have a great day and keep on going?