Hello again from my Notting Hill!

With another week over as I was reflecting this morning on the inner healing ministry what came to me is the relationship between healing, the sacraments and psychology! A broad topic to say the least which is why I’ve asked Pio to help me out.

Drawing from my own experience I grew up in a regular catholic family and went to mass every Sunday. At the time it didn’t mean very much to me as there was nobody really that explained it in a way that I could relate.

Anyway some years later at I think 24 I had my first breakdown with awful panic attacks. That led me to visiting a psychologist for the first time in my life and officially put myself on the ‘mad list’ as it would have been seen by many.

Over the next few years I would visit many more therapists and even my worst fear came true, having to go to the psychiatrist. There was no coming back from that, nobody would ever take me seriously again and I’d live a life as a sub person I thought.

And yet while I learnt many useful things from these therapies such as CBT, how the inner child heals etc. There seemed to be one thing missing….POWER!

The theory was there but the fire was missing. Some time later I’d experience Jesus and I began to go to mass and BOOM…Like a wild horse breaking out of containment, an unexplainable force erupted in me and I began life again from zero.

But how come other people were not experiencing the same power from the sacraments? How come other people seemed to experience no change at all after years of going to mass.

The answer was obvious. They were how I was as a child. Going to mass and trying to be good but with no real knowledge of psychology and the mind.

You see the sacraments are like electricity but all the electricity in the world won’t make your T.V work if you don’t turn it on!

Our minds are like the T.V. and in order to get the real power out of the sacraments we need to learn how to turn our minds on and how to discern Godly thoughts from ungodly ones.

We need to learn things about how to determine the source of our thoughts, which thoughts are not from God that must be ignored, which thoughts show inner unforgiveness and hatred that need to be brought to confession and which thoughts are coming from God.

As we learn how to do this then we truly enter into the greatest battle in the world, the battle in our minds!

Insights then into childhood memories and healing of the inner child can be used. Root thoughts, belief systems and pain from the past can be rooted out in prayer and brought to God for healing.

The sacraments and indeed the word of God then become a powerhouse of force. We are literally being filled every time with more love, more strength and more power and as this happens everything that has been blocking us gets rooted up.

This is where we need insight and understanding to let the pain out. At times after receiving communion people can feel worse because Jesus is actually causing their pain to come up. If people don’t know how to work through it and let it out then they are unwittingly blocking Jesus and the fuller power of the sacrament.

Sadly in the mental health world you’ll never hear someone telling you to combine psychology with the sacraments and also equally sadly is that most priests will not be a able to help you do it either.

So we can be left in a limbo of either knowledge without power or else power without knowledge…..and neither will get us very far…

Which is why Jesus desires us to have both. To know how our minds and spirits work, to know how the sacraments work and to combine the two in a wonderful and powerful healing process.

And so today  I pray for our church and especially for our priests and ministers of healing, that they will have a greater understanding of how psychology and spirituality are intertwined and so be able to bring people to the fullness of healing and love!

Certainly at times it feels that nobody takes me seriously on these subjects. Perhaps it’s because I’m neither a priest nor a therapist and have absolutely no qualifications in either field. And yet, maybe some are listening and so in the hope that they are, I’ll continue writing!

Have a great day