It’s a beautiful morning here in London where I’m having my coffee!

Speaking of coffee, one needs a grinder to make a coffee but today’s blog is about a different type of grindr!

Grindr for anyone who doesn’t know I’d one of the most popular meeting apps for gay men. On grindr you can meet anything from the potential love of your love to a quick bit of fun.

Some people can not understand why someone like me would be on grindr where sex is made so available and would see it as a way of claiming that I’m a fake missionary. Some even went so far as to complain to the bishop and I think cardinal here in London about it some time ago!

Besides the fact that many a bishop may be having a bit of grindr himself, there is a more serious side. People jump to all sorts of conclusions to satisfy their desire to destroy a person’s character.

So you see in my ministry Jesus has sent me out to find what you might call lost sheep. Lost sheep aren’t going to be found at the back of the church or at a retreat but they will be found on the streets, in the clubs and yes, on Grindr!

Grindr is where I met Toni, Grindr is where I met Rayne and Grindr is where I have met so many other gay guys over the last few years and shared, prayed and yes at times I too have had a little fun that I’ve had to bring to confession afterwards!

However the good has always far outweighed the bad and any little falls only better helped me to understand the love, mercy and compassion of Jesus for the beautiful and often lonely hearts in the gay community.

For some this type of ministry is far too ugly and messy and controversial and some people can’t handle it which is when they turn on me.

“It’s not of God” or “they are following demons” has quite often been said about me but if demons make someone love Jesus that much, it makes me wonder what “angels” they are following.

And so today I ask of people not to judge because the Holy Spirit is a creative spirit that works in weird and wonderful ways and gets into all the nitty gritty details and messes of life and society.

Jesus thirsts to meet people where they are at and to bring them forward. Hookup sites such as grindr are just one of these realities and there is no reason to be afraid if we are secure and confident in ourselves.

So please continue to pray for me and my ministry and don’t listen to the gossips because at the end of the day, the lies and accusations will be ground to shreds just like the grinding of coffee beans and the Lord will them to make a new and wonderful ministry of love and healing for the LGBTQ community!