Good morning!

Last night we were very blessed at our house to have Toni cook for us. Over the last few days our regular cook has been on holidays and so we’ve had to take turns.

Last night our very own Toni cooked a meal inspired by his Croatian grandmother and she would have been proud!

In classic restaurant style the meal was a little late as the professional wouldn’t let any detail go unchecked but it was worth the wait.

Toni had us all hard at work in the kitchen cleaning out fresh squid, chopping it up, stuffing it …..It was quite fun and Fr Keith provided us with a gin and tonic to keep us calm!!

Potatoes with onions and parsley followed with a beautiful salad and it was one of the best meals we’ve had in a long time.

Perhaps though wait made it so good wasn’t just the food but was the laughter and fun had by all while preparing it. Although ‘love’ isn’t a visible ingredient it seemed to be the one with the strongest taste.

And so as I reflect on this with my morning coffee I feel once again God reminding us to always put love first. To put the heart before the head, love before human perfections and to let the secret ingredient of love flavour and anoint everything that we do!

Time and time again Jesus gave the same messages to the saints. When Faustina had the image of Jesus painted for the divine mercy she was horrified at how ugly it was. When she saw Jesus she told him….what did He say?!

He didn’t say “I don’t look like that, my nose is out of place, I’m more handsome, start again ..”

But rather He made her understand that the quality of the drawing wasn’t that important because it was the message of mercy that was important.

And so today, may we too be focused on the love that we do things with and let us not fall into perfectionism and criticism for both ourselves and others.

God doesn’t need anything we do to be perfect, He just wants it to be as good as it can be with perfect love!

Every now and then of course the 2 come together and just like last night we had the perfect meal with perfect love. When this happens it’s awesome and is a reminder to us of the perfections of heaven!

So have a perfect day, do everything you can with love and leave your human shortcomings to God’s mercy and humour!!

Thanks again Toni! Hvala Tonyjevoj majci!!