Good morning from London,

This week Rayne is on holiday and so we went on a little day away. Unfortunately with my budget we find ourselves often quite restrained but hey.

We decided to visit Windsor

Windsor castle is of course one of the queen’s homes and if memory serves me correctly, her favourite one. I’m not surprised as we were really taken aback by the marble flowers, the chandeliers and art work and Elizabeth’s warm welcome and lavish lunch prepared especially for us!!

I think that God was smiling because the first thing that we saw when we got off was a church and this is the sign;

Needless to say that it wasn’t a catholic church although it could have been our church here in Nothing Hill where indeed all races, genders, sexualities, disabilities and nationalities are truly welcome.

Anyway we smiled as if God was smiling on us as we walked about the church holding hands and feeling safe and welcome.

It was relaxing to let our guards down and not feel that we might be attacked at any moment!

And now today we are back in London and even though it was only a few hours break away we have a new spring in our step and are feeling a new hope about the future of the church and  world where gay people can be loved, accepted and welcomed wherever they go!

Thanks for reading and pray for us that our lives may inspire many other gay people out there to find happiness and help the catholic church to solve this problem!