Good afternoon!

For a long time I’ve heard of Canterbury. There was the bishop of Canterbury, the Canterbury tales etc. So I decided it was high time to check it out with Rayne.

It was a pleasant experience and more or less what I expected. The Cathedral was enormous and opened for private prayer.

Taking photos was prohibited within….almost!!

Perhaps Saint Martin’s Church was actually more impressive than the Cathedral. “The oldest church in the English speaking world” and was surrounded by hundreds of graves.

As soon as I walked about the graveyard my spiritual sensitivity went off like a metal detector!!

I immediately felt the suffering that so many souls had gone through from illness and yet I was overcome by a sense of them now in heaven rejoicing.

My eyes welled up as I could literally feel how the sufferings and trials that we go through, when offered to God, literally acquire us unimaginable graces in heaven..

I simultaneously became conscious of the crazy love that these souls have for their friends and relatives still on earth. We really do live in a crazy circle of life and death and there was more life in this graveyard than the entire town!
And so today I’m home in London and have another site of interest ticked off my list with another tale to tell.

It may not be a popular tale in today’s world of science and entertainment and yet it’s the tale of tales.

The life, death and resurrection of Jesus  opened for us the gates to heaven and while many ignore it and live their lives like there is no eternity, the spiritual realities are so different!

So let us stay focused on Jesus, stay focused on prayer and let us unite our lives and sufferings to Him knowing that one day we too will be in the graveyard but if we place our trust in Him, He will take us to paradise!

Thanks for reading,