Hello everyone and I wish you a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious feast of the ascension as we prepare for Pentecost and for a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit and a new willingness and surrender to follow the same Spirit when He comes.

Speaking of the Holy Spirit today I’m going to share with you how the Holy Spirit guides me at the gym and how He often pushes me and challenges me to do far more than I ‘feel” like and yet how afterwards I feel so happy that somehow with His help I overcame my own limits and laziness!

But first a bit of vanity as Rayne and I got invited to our first gay wedding party at this superb location…

How exciting and how crazy the doors God somehow opens as I continue to throw caution to the wind and allow the Spirit to move me as He wills.

So ya, back to moving me the Holy Spirit certainly knows how to move me at the gym. You see while others exercise with headphones playing music, I don’t but instead am listening to heavenly instructions and encouragement!! It’s like a pair of spiritual headphones.

A lot of people I know might envy this gift but let me tell you, many  would give it right back if they knew what was involved.

The Holy Spirit is not all gentle and kind. When moving us out of our laziness, sloth and fears He really does have to challenge us. Sure He’s gentle but He’s also firm, determined, demanding at times and very focused.

Some days He pushes me so far beyond what my human thinking would have deemed normal or reasonable or even safe!

“No wonder people know so little about you” I often think as they limit Him and at times attribute His promptings to the devil when they don’t fit into our understanding and our limits.

Literally the Spirit guides me around the gym, tells me what machines to use, how much weight, when to run and what speed etc.

And yet not just that. As I exercise He has me pray for those around me in quite specific ways and bit by bit make connections etc.

It’s also at the gym where I get many ideas for ministry etc. Somehow being out of the church environment helps me to be even more open and more attentive to His creative promptings without the shackles of religiosity choking me.

And so all that to say that the Holy Spirit is real, He is our helper and He is not restricted to being in the church and helping us only with religious or holy things.

He is aware and knowledgeable about every single detail of our lives and He can help us and guide us accordingly. His ways are different to doctors and gym instructors and so we have to be willing to put our “common sense” aside if we really want Him to be more active in our lives.

And while He’s a great challenger and pushes us with His power beyond our wildest dreams, He’s also a super encourager and rewarder and just like my gay friends, He knows how to throw   a party and How to celebrate our victories and successes over sin.

So don’t be afraid to give all to the Holy Spirit. It’s not easy but it’s the most exhilarating and worthwhile thing in the world.

Come Holy Spirit….Help us to be free!