Love, love, love. The last few days the mass readings have all been about love and so it was fitting that Rayne asked me this morning “why do you love me”.

What I didn’t do was begin the answer with “because”. If I did then the game was already lost simple because love has no real reason to it!

Why does one person love flowers and another not? Why does another person love dancing and why do we fall in love with one person and not the other….

There is no rational explanation only that it is what it is and God asks us to actually love rather than write books on trying to explain it.

Why does God love us? He just does because it’s his nature. What more needs to be said ?!

And so you see we are called to this same unconditional and supernatural art of loving others for no particular reason only that it is what it is!

This breaks us out of society norms where we only love our families or friends and where we don’t see the problems of strangers as our problem.

Instead, empowered by the Holy Spirit we are called to love the world, to love strangers and to see everybody we meet as somebody to be loved.

But this type of supernatural loving is not natural to us. It’s supernatural and it comes from being constantly renewed by the Holy Spirit which is why we need a lot of time for personal prayer and personal growth.

Only when we meet the crazy and unconditional love of God can we too love unconditionally because we understand that God doesn’t love us because of anything that we have done or any success or achievements that we have had. He loves us in our nothingness and we share the same nothingness with everyone else we meet!

Our egos find this hard to swallow as the ego always wants to be above others and act in pride or self-importance but the reality is that the ego is actually the most stupid part of us because it doesn’t know who we actually are and how to love!

Jesus says that ‘without me you can do nothing’ and that is true of love too! Without Jesus we can’t love and any attempt we make at it will be tainted by our pride and self-interest and is not true love.

And that is why Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to live in us and to transform us and teach us how to truly love.

The world offers many different ways of loving but Jesus doesn’t! Jesus instructs us to ‘love one another as I have loved you’ and so to do this we must constantly be meditating and thinking of the life of Jesus and asking the Holy Spirit to teach us and show us how to actually love and what to say and do in different life circumstances.

So then let’s pray this evening firstly to experience more of God’s love which we can then in turn pass onto others.

Let’s pray for a deep desire for God and for prayer so that we become humble channels of the unconditional love and mercy of Jesus for everyone we meet and let us not bother too much about understanding this love but rather let us put all our efforts and strength into just loving supernaturally!