Happy Monday from London where the coffee shops and restaurants have now reopened!!

Another ‘first time’ also happened today with Rayne who served mass with Toni for the first time here in England and for his first time to serve for 13 years.

I must admit that I felt so happy to see both of them serving mass with Fr. Keith who has been exceptionally good to us since coming to London. It’s not every priest that would have the heart of love and mercy and understanding for LGBTQ Catholics and certainly not every priest that would have the courage to integrate us into parish life as Jesus would want.

What a great inspiration to us all in these challenging times and what a wonderful example of trusting in Jesus and doing something new and exciting which the Holy Spirit is always stirring up.

For me the moment was all the more special because God used me to reconnect both Toni and Rayne to the church.

With Seamus we were both there when they made their first confession for years, started coming to mass again and yes, served mass for the first time.

It really is quite a privilege to be used by God to bring others to God and to the church and it gives meaning and joy to the many years of darkness and suffering when I had nothing but blind faith to go on.

How wonderful and true are the promises of God if we persevere patiently.

It got me thinking on how times change. Just a few days ago one of our senior priests here was explaining to us that once he stayed in a religious house where he was given a ‘modesty trousers’

A special trousers that you’d wear in the shower so you wouldn’t have to see your body!!

As I reflected on the immense amount of healing that I’ve got through prayer and sport to feel comfortable and confident in my body, the idea of a modesty trousers seemed utterly absurd and the polar opposite of healing and integration!

And I guess when we hear stories like that and how absurd they sound now, it gives us hope that one day when people say “once upon a time there were very few LGBTQ accepting churches” that people will reply “really, how absurd!”.

And so in the meantime all we can do is to be the light and show the church and the world that LGBTQ catholic is possible, is real and is wonderful and that we too have a special place in the father’s heart and in His catholic church.

Please continue to pray for us and may other priests and parishes be inspired by our wonderful parish of love and mercy for the LGBTQ community.