A few months ago o bought a new bike with some money my mum gave me (thanks Mammy!!).

As the previous one had been stolen I also had to buy a lock. The new bike and lock worked very well until after few weeks the lock became more and more difficult to open. Not only was the bike protected from thieves, it was all but protected from me too!

This morning took the biscuit when it wouldn’t open at all and so I walked to the store where I bought it. Two minutes later the lock was working perfectly…

Afterwards it made me think. How many of us at times feel locked, blocked, slowed down, stuck, broken, old, rusted and useless???

How many of us feel that we will never be any use again and that we are fit to be thrown out just like that lock??

And yet it only took 20 seconds to fix the lock and to give it a new life thanks to the magic of WD40.

So what then is the WD40 for our minds and brains??

The answer is simple. It’s the Holy Spirit and when the Holy Spirit hits things like depression and other blockages are burnt away.

At times just like with the lock they will try to sneak back in which is why we  need a bottle of WD40 at hand just in case!!

Similarly with the Holy Spirit. When things get difficult we need a refill or boost.

This week we are preparing for the Holy Spirit for Pentecost and as always the best ways to prepare and be filled are through personal prayer and the sacraments. Receiving Jesus at mass with an open heart is the WD40 of the soul and what better way to keep that heart open than bringing our hurts and wounds to Him in confession.

Of course there are other ways as well that the Holy Spirit can fill us such as healing prayer, meditation on the bible, acts of charity….

So whatever works for you, just do it!!

And finally, if you meet someone today that seems blocked and locked, maybe you are the WD40 of the Lord. Encourage them, love them, pray for th and offer to pray with them if you feel that they may be open to it and allow the power of Jesus to work through you for the glory of God and the healing of hearts!

Have a perfect day,