Yesterday in our church we had a wedding.And jokingly one of the altar servers asked if of was for Rayne and I???The theme however continued as about an hour later Rayne and I found ourselves deep in conversation about the theme of same sex marriage with a beautiful transgender person who equally felt excluded from the church.

It’s true that with the wedding being held as we were talking it was a poignant reminder of how LGBTQ are really not welcomed, accepted and blessed in our catholic church.

Suppose for example after years of following God and finding myself that I  wanted some sort of a church blessing. There is none! Certainly some priests may give me a blessing on the quiet but it wouldn’t be official.How truly sad for the gay community and for our church who seems stuck.This morning I say on Facebook that Brian Houston, pastor for the famous Hillsong made this statement about gay people..“You don’t represent what you think. You represent what the bible says”.

What a dilemma for pastors and priests who don’t agree with the church teaching and yet inforce it anyway and continue to teach and spread homophobia because it’s part of their job….

Obviously to people like me its very hurtful and even seems like a very cowardly approach to take to be honest.

How will attitudes change unless pastors and priests become part of the change and like Jesus put their reputations on the line for the truth.

And so today, that is my prayer. For people of courage to stand up and to fight tooth and nail for justice in the catholic church for the LGBTQ community.