Happy feast of Pentecost!!

The fire of the Holy Spirit landed on me this morning and got me up and out very early despite going to sleep at about 2!

Anyway one place where there was no signs of the Holy Spirit was at last night’s Eurovision.

Perhaps the first song said it all ‘I fell in love with el diablo”

I fell in love, I fell in love
I gave my heart to el diablo, el diablo
I gave it up, I gave it up
Because he tells me I’m his angel, I’m his angel
Tonight we’re gonna burn in a party
We’re wild as fire that’s on the loose
Hotter than sriracha on our bodies
Ta-Taco tamale, yeah, that’s my mood
All this spicy melts my icy edges, baby, it’s true

Tonight we’re gonna burn in a party
It’s heaven in hell with you

Thank you Cyprus for this thrash.

Anyway Cyprus wasn’t alone with many quite weird and dark acts which while not lacking in talent were empty of any christian spirit.

While Ireland didn’t qualify, it was better that what happened to the U.K. song which attracted a whopping zero points from both the juries and the telephone voting. Brexit has well and truly happened!!

So anyway in the backdrop of all this it’s clear that evangelisation and a new Pentecost is needed more than ever and that it’s necessary to talk about Jesus in the secular scene where ‘el diablo’ is taking over.

And so on this note yesterday as I was leaving the gym I stopped to help a Pakistani lady who was looking to join.

She loved my Irish accent and told me how Irish nun’s had educated her. She asked me what I was doing with my life!

I explained to her a little and she looked at me and said “you’re an evangelist”.

I’ve never really put a name to my ministry or job. I’m not a priest or a minister, I’m not a professional and so I found it amusing how this lady summed it up!

When I went home I looked up the word ‘evangelist’

And I guess it fits! I obviously have my own style of evangelism and yet it is what it is!

“I’m an evangelist”

So I made a deal with myself that when the next person asks me what I do, I’m simply going to say that I’m an evangelist and see what happens!

And what better day to put this into practice than on the day of Pentecost, that very day that the Holy Spirit empowered the apostles to speak to the crowds about Jesus and pagans and Jews alike were converted.

As the Holy Spirit falls on us all today, we are all called to be evangelists, perhaps some of us in a more public way than others but even if it’s just within the 4 walls of your own home with your own family or at your work, you too can be an evangelist through your actions, prayers and words!

So come Holy Spirit, strengthen and empower us and knock the old ‘diablo’ off his altar and restore in our world a love for Jesus, a love for God and a love for prayer and bless me too as I share about Jesus in areas and places where His name is seldom mentioned!

Have a spirit-filled day!