Hello all and I hope you are recovering from your Pentecost hangover after being drunk in the Holy Spirit!

Yesterday I asked God to do something special with me for Pentecost and He didn’t disappoint.

On a gay meeting site as an alternative to sex I advertised a spiritual massage and got this reply:

He went onto tell me that he works as an escort and is suffering from terrible anxiety!

In my heart I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to go and meet him and to pray with him and so off I wandered across London to this random apartment in a block of flats in a bit if a dodgy area.

I must insist that only that I had a clear prompting from the Spirit to go that I would not have gone as it could be dangerous so don’t try this at home if you’re not experienced!

Anyway I met the chap who stripped to his boxers to make himself more comfortable while smoking some crystal meth or ‘Tina’ as some call it.

He just started pouring out his life story to me and what it’s like working as an escort.

Often we associate prostitution with women but in the gay world it’s massive and as he was quite open I was able to ask him all the questions that under other circumstances should be kept to oneself.

Eventually when he had exhausted himself talking he asked me if I’d try my “healing thing” which he told me that he was quite cynical about but willing to give it a go as it was free. He charges £180 per hour for his services…..hopefully I’ll never need to go down that road!!

I’d just been to mass and said “Ok Jesus, do something”.

I put my hand on his head and this power began to shoot through me into him. Before he knew it he was in bits crying and pouring out his heart and all the hurts of his childhood. The next 30 minutes were like that before he gave me a hug like a 5 year old child and cried in my arms.

The funny bit was that he was twice my size and yet here was I being used by God to bring him healing.

As I was leaving I gave him a miraculous medal and told him more about the power of Jesus and what had happened. He was stunned

“I’ve gone to so many therapists and none of them can break down my walls and you did it in 5 seconds”.

The secret is simply loving people. If he knew the amount of times I sat in suicidal states fighting for life he’d know where I got the strength to hold his hand and just love him.

The Holy Spirit then passes through our love and the healing happens. Sensitive people know when you love them and know when you just see them as a client or a patient. Love heals.

Delighted as I left and hoping to meet him again for ongoing prayer etc. I rushed back home to have a coffee with Rayne who was preparing for his night shift. We both went to mass together and as I heard the sermon which was replaced by a letter from the english bishops about the environment I couldn’t help ask myself a few questions!

If the bishops has been out on the street with me praying with that young guy stuck in prostitution and with mental health issues would they really write a letter about the environment on Pentecost Sunday?!

And I wondered if after receiving the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Sunday what would have happened if Saint Peter shouted out to the crowds:

“Save the trees!!”

Now of course the environment has it’s place but surely the wellbeing of immortal souls must come before the welfare of a few trees and what not.

Anyway, not letting it get to me I just thanked the Holy Spirit for what He had done for me and prayed that He convict our church leaders of His reality and His power to touch souls.

And so today I continue my mission and who knows where it’ll take me. I won’t be polluting the environment either nor do I waste food or buy what I don’t need so I think that I’m also actually quite eco-friendly but nevertheless my priority will not be to talk to people about the planet but about it’s maker, Jesus!

Off to mass now for more grace, thanks for reading and pray for my mission and for all the lost and hurting souls that I meet on my way.