Hello from an all pink cafe in Kensington, the perfect setting to write about love and lust!!

As I reflect on my conversation with the escort the other day, I ponder on many of the things he said.

Despite having sex with many of his clients he was able to tell me how totally messed up many of them are and how they are acting out many of their hurts and insecurities through sex while deep in their hearts they actually need love.

It was all the more ironic that this psychoanalysis was coming from an escort and not from a pious religious nun.

And yet we live in a society where love has been shamed and lust glorified. Jesus spent His life talking about love and when He appeared to Peter after His death asked Him three times if Peter loved Him. A very direct question. Have you ever asked one of your friends if they love you?

Sadly in our culture we are often shamed when it comes to expressing love. It starts off in school with teasing and bullying and can continue for a lifetime. It’s more severe for boys rather than girls as being “a man” is all about being hard and tough!

I saw this image on Facebook today and it reminded me of my childhood….

And yet true love has nothing to do with being gay or straight, it’s something totally different and something far deeper and far more real.

Jesus desires to free us so that we can love! He wants to free us of the fears and shame so that we can do things like sit in a pink coffee shop and write about love and not care!!

He wants us to be apostles of love and to spread His love to everyone that we meet and when John Paul II spoke of evangelisation, this is what he meant.

It’s not enough to talk about Jesus to the people that we meet, we must be Jesus! We must love like Jesus, talk like Jesus, hug like Jesus, pray like Jesus, laugh like Jesus, cry like Jesus, console like Jesus, empathise like Jesus, smile like Jesus….

And the only way we can do this is to pray, to meditate on the life of Jesus and to practice loving people every single day like we’d practice a foreign language.

“Practice makes perfect” as they say.

So today, let’s pray that we can love even more and that through our love that we can quench at least some of the fires of lust and hatred that are burning so fiercely in today’s world.

Lots of love to you all!