Hello from Soho where as I was rushing to get to mass on time I broke a red light on my bike and got fined £50!

The ironic part is that my finances were already running low and when the police officer said £50 a tear rolled down my eye in front of him.

Anyway I went to mass and rather than get depressed about it I felt to make a little appeal for some sponsorship/ donations towards my ministry.

At the moment I survive off about £200 per month or £50 per week. I have a few regular sponsors who are not rich by any means but out of their small incomes help me.

As my ministry has no official status I get no help financial from the church nor do I receive or claim any benefits from the state, something a lot of people in my position do and often quite dishonestly.

I do my absolute best to follow Jesus and reach out to people in the gay community with love and prayer. Most if not all of these struggle financially too and rarely do I receive a donation.

That said I’ve lived for almost 15 years like this and Jesus has never let me down. I guess having no source of income has dramatically increased my faith and probably caused me to pray twice as much as I might otherwise.

On the other hand it is difficult and at times it does get to me. Doctors get a salary, therapists get a salary, priests get a salary and often many donations and while arguably I work harden than any of them bringing the love of Jesus to the margins, I get nothing and am unrecognised by any organisation.

Anyway all this to say that to continue doing what I’m doing I need financial help and support, something I hate asking for because for so many years I have been abused and ridiculed for the way I live and what I do.

If you can’t help that’s ok. If you can but don’t want to then that’s ok too but please do not reply and tell me to get a job. I find this the most cold and cruel way that people treat me.

Jesus has asked me to live like this, it’s not easy and considering I had an extremely high paying job when I was younger it’s even more difficult.

I chose to do it out of obedience to the Holy Spirit and also as a living testimony to the existence and power of God in today’s world of atheism.

But it’s not just that. It’s also a testimony to evangelical poverty and being one with the poor.

I wear the simplest and cheapest of clothes, I don’t waste money on the thrills of this world and unless invited rarely it ever eat out.

Yet I’m not complaining because there is joy and freedom to be found in the simplicity but it does come at a cost.

So ok, I think I’ve made my case. If anyone would like to help me and my ministry to the LGBTQ community please get in touch. I might not be able to ever repay you with money but I will certainly repay you with love and prayers, trusting that through them God will bless your lives accordingly.

God bless, thanks for reading and apologies that today’s blog isn’t more upbeat!