It’s sunny here in London and today I’ve taken the safer option of walking!

A big thank you to those who replied to yesterday’s blog and appeal for help. I was very touched and thank you for your kindness and generosity that allowed God’s providence to work through you.

Last week we had the feast of Saint Rita and one of our parishioners kindly brought a whole bunch of pink roses which were then blessed after mass.

“That’d be the ideal gift from my gay friend who likes to dress in yellow I thought”

He was away all weekend and so it was only yesterday that I was able to give it to him.

He was delighted as I explained what it was and gave him the divine mercy prayer and image with it. He immediately went to fetch a pink container to put it in and was very touched.

I too was touched by his enthusiasm as he later went onto tell me that he believes in Jesus Christ and that the dead somehow help us which I explained to him was the communion of saints.

(As long as they are the right type of dead I should add but that’s another blog!)

I then invited him for dinner and to see our church some day and he was really excited by the idea.

As I reflected on the experience I thanked God that despite my own brokenness and wounds that He is using me to meeting people like this that are on the ‘extremes’ and sharing life and faith with them while slowly introducing them to the church and to prayer.

“You are trying to convert me” he then jokingly said to me!

Jokingly I replied “you’re already converted, you just don’t know it!”

In reality I’m not trying to convert him at all. I genuinely like him, have a love on my heart for him and a desire to bless him with the joy of prayer and of knowing Jesus.

This is our big challenge when it comes to evangelisation. We must meet people where they are at and yet we must allow the Holy Spirit in us to gradually move them forward. Move to fast and we could be accused of bible bashing, not to move at all and we could be accused of compromise….it is a delicate procedure to say the least!

In my own personal experience I’ve always asked Our Lady to help, to go for quality rather than quantity and to give people small things with a lot of love, the miraculous medal for example.

And speaking of roses, Rayne has almost finished his drawing and I pray today that many of us will too be blessed by roses from heaven in our lives, families and ministries.

Thanks for reading and for your ongoing support.