Yesterday Rayne and I went to our new favourite coffee shop…

Rayne was on his way to work as he was doing a night shift and we had time for a quick coffee together after evening mass at 6PM.

Anyway me being me I struck up a conversation with the girl working there. I asked her where she was from and when she said that she was polish I asked her if she knew of my other polish friend, Faustina!

And funny enough she did know of her as she went onto say how she grew up in a very religious family which put her off the church but that she’d like to find God again and get back on track!

I continued to share a bit of my story with her and she was ecstatic to meet her first gay catholic and told us how her best friend is gay. I gave her a divine mercy image and invited her to pray in the church some day when there is nothing on and to simply talk to  Jesus!

She was so happy that she gave us a discount on the food and gave us 2 cakes that would otherwise be thrown out!

Experiences like this make it all worth while and round the circle so to speak.

Instead of seeing us as a threat to the church she saw us as a missing part and was truly delighted.

Perhaps afterwards she spoke to her gay friends about us and that is how evangelisation happens and how people come to know the love of God for both themselves and others.

So praise God for experiences like this and may you too not be afraid to share about faith in unlikely places and watch Jesus do the rest!

May heavenly roses fall on all today!