Good afternoon from the London underground where I’m on the way to a bbq hosted by some of Rayne’s friends.

Today is also a big feast in the catholic church, the feast of ‘Corpus Christi’ or of the Body of Christ and like on any feast day, we should make that extra effort to try to participate and understand as best we can.

I went to mass with Rayne with the Carmelites at 8.30 a.m. Somebody who certainly wasn’t in festive mode was the misery guts at the door who sharply scolded me for not having my mask over my mouth. You can guess where I’d have liked to tell him to put it but I said nothing and complained about his attitude to the priest afterwards who was in a great mood and was wearing no mask at all!!

Anyway, grumpy guts aside Fr John gave a very simple and yet excellent sermon. He explained how we must not let ourselves let taking Holy Communion become banal and ordinary and take it for granted but rather that we should pray every day for a greater understanding of this mystery, knowing that it may take years.

And with these wise words in my head we went off to the gym to get some exercise for the bodies of Michael and Rayne and as I exercised I pondered how after receiving Jesus in communion that there was something of His body in my body.

It’s a crazy mystery and yet through our baptism and the sacraments we somehow become what we eat, we become the body of Christ and this is no surprise to those of us involved in the healing ministry where we see how interconnected healing of the mind and body are.

And then my worst nightmare happened. I’d booked a class and with others in the studio the trainer asked me what it is that I do for a living?!

I looked for a hole in the ground to jump in but there was none so taking a deep breath I told him that I’m a missionary.

Being a missionary isn’t even popular in church circles not to mention outside the church and I always find it quite awkward when people ask me what I do because religion and spirituality are those type of topics that can divide a room as quick as lightening.

And yet would you believe that the opposite happened and he went onto tell me how he’s interested in christianity and would like to learn more and would love to meet a priest!!

God never stops surprising me and has a way of using me even when I’m not totally comfortable or even aware.

And so I left more reassured than ever that looking after and caring for the body is an essential part of the healing ministry and a part that is often overlooked by many involved in ministry who can at times over focus on prayer and expect God to do everything.

So once again today I reflect on the crazy gift of the Eucharist and how we are called to love Jesus and to thank Him for this gift while growing all the time in understanding and knowledge of what it is through personal prayer, spiritual readings and our own experiences.

Thus my prayer today is that each one of us will grow in our understanding and love of the Eucharist and as we do that we will be lights of love and truth to others who are secretly thristing for this supernatural loving medicine for their minds, bodies and souls!

Thanks for reading and my stomach has now begun to pray for sausages and chicken and burgers!!

Blessings to all!