Good sunny Morning from London where things are almost back to normal despite rumours of perhaps another lockdown after the summer…..

The cinemas are open again and it was a nice treat to go to see “Cruella”. I’d definitely recommend it!

Speaking of Cruella, last week some other Cruella stole my bike! It was locked to the railings of the church and Rayne called me to tell me that he had bad news. The lock was cut and the bike was gone. That’s the 3rd bike that I’ve had stolen in 6 months.

Anyway, rather than get depressed about it I said “so be it”. I was having a hard day anyway and the bike was just the icing on the cake and I said to myself “there must be many good things around the corner because I’ve noticed over the years that before big blessings come big trials”.

Anyway the next day didn’t disappoint.

It started by me writing a message airing some misunderstandings to which I got a very generous and gracious reply and with the offer to buy me a new bike!

I then went to talk to a priest friend mine who after mass invited me for a coffee and he too offered to buy me a new bike. And for a bit of added humour we spotted the cardinal beside us!!

(No, he didn’t offer me a bike but who knows, maybe he would have had if he knew me and my situation as he seems like a nice man).

And as we walked back together Rayne called me and wanted to meet me. And there I was standing beside the priest when Rayne comes along with a big smile and a new bike!!

I was so touched that I cried. Rayne found a second hand bike for less than £100 which is actually a better bike than my last one. He also bought a better lock!!

And it gets better, the first person that offered to buy me a bike reimbursed Rayne, the second said he’d give me some money instead to help with my ministry and so by the end of the day God had once again brought me from the valley to the mountain top!

Cruella didn’t win! Jesus did.

Anyway, the moral of the story is simple, keep trusting in trials, reach out to God and to the people of God and trust that God will bless you through them.

Don’t try to handle everything on your own, even the best of us have bad days and need the help of others. Jesus needed Simon to carry His cross and that didn’t make Him any less Jesus.

God allows trials like these but when we surrender to Him, He brings even greater blessings.

And so whatever trial that you are going through, keep praying, keep trusting, reach out for help and trust that like my little story, God’s love and protection will prevail.

Thanks for reading and thank you to everyone who blessed me and helped me over this latest little trial.