Good evening on the beautiful feast of the sacred heart of Jesus

All week the Holy Spirit has impressed on my mind an image of Jesus’ soft and tender heart and every time this image comes, I feel a presence of the Holy Spirit and cry. His love is so powerful that it brings us to tears as parts of our souls are being transformed and healed.

Similarly I was so excited to go to mass and confession today, conscious of the enormous desire that Jesus had to fill us with His love on this feast. Jesus is like a mother, He finds His greatest delight in feeding His children with love, in His case a supernatural love beyond our understanding

Yet in the midst of all this my ministry of evangelisation continues and at times it can be quite overwhelming!

You see while I had the love and heart of Jesus on my mind, many of the guys with whom I interacted with today and indeed other days had something entirely different on their minds.

I don’t receive messages asking me what the heart of Jesus might look like or how to pray! Nope! I receive messages asking me for pictures of my penis and whether I’m a top or a bottom or versatile!!

Unfortunately in today’s oversexualised world whether in the gay scene or the straight scene, this is quite normal.

People are not looking for the heart of Jesus. They are looking for sex and a direct experience of physical intimacy.

And yet somewhere deep in their hearts they are actually looking for Jesus and His love but they don’t know it because they have never experienced it.

Yea they might have heard about God’s love and the love of Jesus but have they experienced it?

It seems to me that most of us who grew up catholic had a lot of head knowledge about Jesus and yet never actually experienced Him in our hearts and then this need for intimacy got filled with lust.

And this evening as I meandered home there happened to be a prayer service in the church and as I sat there I asked myself a simple question “do I feel the presence of Jesus here and what would a stranger feel?”.

Despite Jesus being present on the altar my spirit was clouded by the endless prayers and litanies and that all too family serious and oppressive spirit that one often feels in the church.

I contrasted it with the tender and gentle image that was in my head and I asked myself the question “how well do these people know Jesus?”.

It’s so easy to recite prayers and to talk but yet this often deprives Jesus of what He wants the most, our hearts!

Often Jesus is very frustrated because He longs to draw closer to us, to heal the painful memories in our minds, to reveal Himself to us and often people block Him by reciting endless learnt off prayers.

The result is a very strict and oppressive kind of atmosphere which is the utter opposite of the heart of Jesus.

And if we as Catholics don’t get this right then what have we to offer these people consumed by lust? They will not be interested in coming into a harsh and dogmatic environment, they are looking for something personal and intimate.

Jesus is thristing to pour out His love on to people. Jesus desires to fill us all with the true love that comes from His heart and not the quick thrill of an excited willy or whatnot!

Yet we must be His channels of love and endeavour to bring people to the place of encounter with Jesus. This is the very core of the inner healing ministry and indeed the greatest thirst of Jesus.

Imagine the day when instead of exchanging “dick pics” that people are exchanging prayers and visions and words of knowledge.

Imagine that instead of NSA (no strings attached) sexual encounters that people are meeting for prayer and healing?

This is not impossible because this is what Jesus wants but He needs us to be His hands and feet and messengers of love and prayer.

So let’s not kill Jesus with our endless prayers and religiosity but rather let’s make Him smile by allowing His supernatural love into the deepest recesses of our hearts and by stepping out boldly and prayerfully and bringing people to the true source of love that never runs dry.

Come Holy Spirit, reveal the love of the heart of Jesus to us so that we may in turn reveal it to others and bring as many as possible to the way, the truth and the life!