Happy feast day of St. Anthony!!

This morning someone messaged me asking me what the best prayer to say in the morning.

My first reaction was to Google ‘morning offering’ and I found a pretty good prayer.

And yet as I read it I said to myself “I don’t pray that, why don’t I tell him what I do?”.

And so I did….

Coffee with Jesus!!

Every morning I talk to Jesus as I have my coffee! If I’m annoyed about something I tell Him, if I’m annoyed with Him then I tell Him, if I’m happy I tell Him…..in short, whatever is going on, I tell Him!

Then at the end of this I say a prayer, a morning offering something like the one above from my heart.

In reality I have no learnt off prayers because the greatest prayer is love, and love can’t be learnt off and recited in 30 seconds. Love takes time, exchange, honesty and every day is different.

That said, it’s nice at times to have some prayers, especially of one is a beginner and isn’t confident in praying from the heart but we should always remember that God isn’t a solicitor.

The perfect prayer with a hardened heart is more pleasing to God than garbage and the imperfect prayer with a heart of love sets God’s heart on fire!

Philippe in France taught me this years ago when he suggested we pray the ‘Our Father together”.

Living in utter squalor and with a terribly broken life it began like this…(but in french):

“Our Father, who wart in heaven, thank you for Michael, thank you for everything, hallowed be thy name, I love you Jesus, thank you for my little room, thy kingdom come…..”

Tell me that God didn’t hear that prayer and that when he died just a month or so later that he didn’t go straight to heaven?!

And so going back to the question “what is the best prayer in the morning?” Or indeed at any time, the answer is obvious.

The best prayer is the prayer from the heart with said with love and honesty and sincerity and I’m sure it’s because of this that for the last 40 years Our Lady has repeatedly said the same thing in Medjugorje….

Have a great day!