Morning all, just been to mass and it was that gospel about loving and praying for our enemies, one of the most challenging things of all.

However in these times we live in God has become the enemy! In a society of utter rebellion towards the ways of God the Lord is now seen by many as an enemy to our freedom, an enemy to our intelligence and more

And so Jesus put it on my heart on the feast of His sacred heart to spend some time with Him alone in adoration in.thr evenings (with the permission of our priest obviously).

At times we can forget that Jesus is really present in this little piece of bread and that He gets lonely. He has feelings and emotions and He thirst for our prayers and our presence.

For some this is far too sentimental and weak! What is Jesus? God or a whinging little girl?

Well He’s God and and He’s love.

So often I see eyes rolling when I speak of the person and feelings of Jesus to some people. It seems that they have put Him in an intellectual framework but not in a living framework and somehow they feel very threatened by this reality. Perhaps deep inside it’s the Holy Spirit trying to convict them and draw them out of their heads and into their hearts.

Anyway, all that aside last night I felt so ridiculously happy to have almost an hour totally alone with Jesus. I felt His presence there with Mary and their gentle and yet strengthening love brought me to tears.

I prayed for friends and family especially those who haven’t been able to go to adoration for ages due to the pandemic.

Most of all I prayed that others would fall in love with Jesus in the same way. That His name would become familiar at the table like a friend’s…

Where were you today? “I spent time with Jesus….Jesus showed me….”

He desires to draw us into that sort of intimacy and familiarity rather than being distanced by abstract theoretical terms….

He thirsts for us to fall in love with Him like teenagers falling in love for the first time. He’s sick and tired of endless books being written about Him and yet people’s hearts a million miles away.

And so once again Jesus is calling us to spending time with Him and having a heart to heart and this means let go of our pride, our fears, our inadequacies, our walls of defence, our egos, our sins, our ministries and just kneeling before Him in our nothingness.

So let’s not run away from Jesus any more, let’s not run away from ourselves any more, let’s not hide in our intellects our imaginings but let’s rather experience Jesus as He is with our humble and frail human hearts.

Remember, He is not angry, He is lonely and He is thristing for friends to talk to Him, to console Him and to love Him.

Have a great day and as I continue my adoration my prayer for all of you is that you too will fall head over heels in love with the person of Jesus and that you won’t be able to stop talking about Him wherever you go and with whoever you meet!!

Jesus rocks!!