Yes you’ve heard it right, turns out that we’re leaving and that I only found out about it yesterday!!

And on top of that, we are off to Medjugorje!!



Gossip really is a very evil thing.

Yesterday as I came home a very nice man from the parish told the he heard that we were leaving from some other member of the parish. I smiled and said to him ‘first I’ve heard of it and besides where would we go?’

How many parishes or places in London or anywhere else do you know that would welcome us? Terrorists would be more welcome in most.

And then it got me thinking of how only a week or so ago someone very reliable messaged me asking if I was going to Medjugorje because the rumours said that I was!

Again it was the first I heard of it and in light of how we were previously treated in Medjugorje it’s the last place I’d go unless Our Lady put an army around me and sent me there!

Things seem still a long way away from having a cuppa with Rosie and apologies from Leon and the bishop and support for our ministry to LGBT Catholics etc.

Without the truth how can there ever be the peace that Gospa talks about?

Anyway all of this to say that Gossip can really do a lot of harm to people and whether in Medjugorje or London it’s the same. It has the potential to stir people up, to get people annoyed, to destroy a person’s reputation, to ruin a person’s career and yet it’s all based on lies and half truths.

The evil spirit knows our weaknesses too which is why he likes to spread gossip and rumours in these areas.

Take for example the two lies about me leaving and going to Medjugorje.

Leaving would be very stressful for me because I have nowhere else to go nor do I have the money and similarly about Medjugorje, going over there would be like going into a war zone.

The evil spirit is smart! He knows how to stir things!

But I often remember what my friend Della in Ireland used to say:

“If they are gossiping about me it means I must still be alive”.

And it’s true, if people are gossiping a out you then at some level it shows that they are bothered and that they are the ones with the problem.

That said we should never listen to gossip or take it seriously nor should we spread it. I was glad of the people that came and asked me directly if I was leaving or if I was going to Medjugorje and this is what we should all do when we hear things that might not might not be true

And so in summary! No we are not leaving London nor are we going to Medjugorje but we are spreading the message of Medjugorje to the LGBT community in London as we continue to be Our Lady’s “apostles of love”.

So please, don’t gossip about us but instead pray for us, love us and reach out to help us!