Top of the morning to ye all!

As a lot of you know this year will be the 40th anniversary of Medjugorje and while lots of us would like to go there to pray and to thank Our Lady, with the travel restrictions etc. this won’t be possible.

So what to do? Throw a pity party or make the most of what we’ve got?

Make the most of what we’ve got obviously and thanks to Our friend Brenda and Fr. Keith here as Mary of the Angels, we are going to have a fabulous evening of prayer and celebrations.

And indeed this has always been the message of Medjugorje. Not to get attached to the place but to bring Medjugorje home in our hearts and parishes and to share the messages and the graces.

We will have an evening quite similar to an evening session in Medjugorje starting at 5PM with prayer (rosary I believe) followed by mass at 6P.M. with adoration of the blessed sacrament afterwards and also some little talks and testimonies and of course confessions will be available as well and hopefully throughout if we get enough priests!

Naturally these events couldn’t take place without some organisation and so we are extremely grateful to Brenda Walsh who’s not only a great prayer warrior but is also great fun too and of course to Monsignor Keith Baltrop who has kept our church as a beacon of light, hope and prayer throughout all the lockdowns etc. and continues to make it available for more prayer in these challenging times.

A dynamic duo for Jesus and Mary!!

Anyway, that aside the biggest gift we can give Jesus and Mary is the gift of our hearts and prayers and to share their love with other people.

I’m sure Jesus would love to see our church filled and yet what He’d love even more is to see as many people as possible touched by His love and mercy. Especially those who haven’t experienced it yet!

So I’m not going to rabbit on today! If you are in central London and are free next Friday, June 25th, come along to Mary of the Angels for a great night of prayer and fellowship and don’t be afraid to invite a friend because you just never know what Jesus and Mary might do for them on this celebration of 40 years of Medjugorje.

Here is a little video promo I did….share it!!

Peace to all,