Good morning all!

I’m up early and nursing my prayer and holy spirit hangover with a coffee before I go for a swim.

Well as you know we had our Medjugorje evening last night and it was a great success. Hats off to Brenda Walsh who did all the organising and who works tirelessly for Jesus and Mary. Even with a dodgy foot she soldiered on and she brought a piece of Medjugorje to us all!

Thanks Brenda, we all love you here in Notting Hill and we’re looking forward to more blessings and more craic.

“As soon as I came into the church I just started crying” said one lady who told me how she’d been strong all throughout the pandemic but as soon as she came to the church, the stress and the pain erupted.

“Father, I just want to tell you that I don’t want to go home” said another old lady.

“You saved us the price of the flights, it was wonderful” exclaimed another!

Séamus did a fantastic job with the music so we had all the same songs that you’d hear over there and Fr. Keith did a wonderful job between the mass, eucharistic procession, confessions, prayers all on his own! Superman!!

And both Toni and I were so delighted to serve the mass with Thai and what was particularly moving was as Brenda asked Toni to give out the rosary in Croatian, his native language and the language Our Lady speaks in at the apparitions!

As I stood beside him I felt quite emotion as my mind flashed back to meeting him for the first time and offering to take him to London with absolutely no idea how it would work out. It was blind faith and a lot of responsibility too as numerous people told me that if something happened to him that I’d be blamed. Yet it was a risk that with Séamus we had to take!

And so there we were up on the altar beside Jesus and Mary participating in the celebrations in every way. Not bad for “fake missionaries being deceived by the devil” I thought!!

Our Lady really does have ways and means of working things out and I have no doubt that one day we will return to Medjugorje and be welcomed there too. The past will be aired out and the people will get behind our extraordinary mission to the LGBTQ community.

After the 3 hours of prayer we had a little party and wine and refreshments were enjoyed by all.

Of course in reality we don’t know the full extent of what Our Lady did last night in our hearts because prayer is like that. We only see the tip of the iceberg but it’s as we look back that we see the answers and blessings both for our own lives and in the lives of others.

Every Hail Mary counts, every prayer for priests counts, every minute adoring Jesus counts, every mass and confession counts and every little hidden sacrifice of love counts. In heaven we will see that it was all these things accumulated over time that pleased Jesus the most and allowed Him to bless others.

So thank you Our Lady for everything, for the gift of Medjugorje, for the gift of Jesus, for the gift of your intercession, for the gift of your motherly love and may we be your ‘apostles of love’ today and every day as we bring heaven to earth through the power of prayer and obedience to the Holy Spirit!.

Blessings of love and peace to all!