Good morning from a sort of cold London!

Last week was quite a busy week and between the jigs and the reels I woke up after the Medjugorje evening with a sore throat and a feeling of flu.

Now I haven’t taken antibiotics for at least 15 years so I wasn’t intending to start but I was a little worried and especially yesterday morning when I woke up feeling even worse and coughing up green phlegm.

And so in prayer I asked Our Lady what I should do and if I needed an antibiotic.

“No, you’ll be fine, I can still use you when you are a little sick” was her reply!

Now this is often where I clash with people because meaning well they say “you’ll need to go to the doctor if it’s not gone in 24 hours” (it wasn’t…it was worse) and “go home and rest” when Our Lady says “trust and follow me and you’ll be healed”.

So here is how it went!!

Woke at 9 feeling rotten she guided me out of the house for a coffee where I got my head together and then she told me to pop into say a quick hello to my friend Louie who who works in another cafe. He gave me a nice tea and a delicious free breakfast!!

Then she sent me off to the Carmelites for 12.15 mass after which she sent me to say goodbye to a friend of mine, Alex, who works in yet another coffee shop.

Alex is going home to Poland to deal with some health issues and I offered to pray for her. We snuck downstairs and who knows what the customers thought for a quick prayer (gives a new meaning to “quickie”) and then I walked back to Notting Hill where I went into Boots to get a cough bottle. I should add too that I was taking paracetamol! God is not against medicine, just He doesn’t want us to put it before Him!

At this stage I was already feeling lot better because when we follow and walk obediently with the Holy Spirit, the anointing comes over us and strengthens us and heals us but as I said it only happens if we go with it. Had I stayed at home in bed it wouldn’t have been the same.

So anyway when I got home Our Lady told me to rest for a few hours which I did. Again you see that God isn’t against rest, just He wants us to rest when He knows it’s best!

As I rested I felt a great peace around me and gave thanks to Jesus for the extraordinary life that he has given me and prayed for all the different people in my life.

I got up about 4 and went to eucharistic adoration but before going Our Lady said “bring your gym bag with you”!

I smiled! At 9 am I felt so sick and weak that going to the toilet was an effort and now here I was with a gym bag. If I was working in a regular job and had I called in sick they’d surely have thought that I was lying I thought.

So after adoration met another old friend and headed to the gym which I really enjoyed and by the time I was finished my other nurse was home from work and we got a pizza for some and watched a movie together.

And there you go, that was my ‘sick day’ and this morning I was up early and blogging and going to early mass. The cold isn’t 100% gone but my energy is back and I’m sure Jesus will kill it!

Anyway, all of this isn’t to say how great I am but to say how great God is and a reminder to us all that we must not block God’s ways and flow of the Holy Spirit because it goes against our human way of thinking.

It is in praying, trusting and stepping out in faith that we get healed and grow and not by praying, trusting and doing nothing.

God needs us to be obedient to Him because our healing and protection is hidden in the obedience! As we walk with Him, He is protecting us and He knows just how much we can take and what we need to do in each situation.

Sadly medical people often give very little space to God to work. They tend to take over with ”does and don’ts” and “musts and shoulds” and very often they become mini Gods!

God on the other hand likes medics, after all He made all that too but He liked them to consult Him too and to teach them that there are other ways and means to treat illnesses that include both their knowledge and His grace.

And so today my prayer is for the healing ministry, that people will put God’s ways first and not slumber into purely human and medical thinking as soon as they get sick!

Have a super day, love and healing grace to all!