Good Sunday morning from Manchester!

What can I say? I think Rayne said it all when he said “I think God brought us here to help us appreciate all of what we have in London”.

And it’s true, we’d be hard pushed to describe one single thing that we enjoyed about Manchester! The people were unfriendly, the streets packed with loud party-going people and even our hotel which stank of weed wasn’t exactly good value for money or all that comfortable…

Yet I had one beautiful experience yesterday as I got to visit Old Trafford, the soccer grounds of Manchester United!

Growing up everyone supported a soccer team, my older brother supported Liverpool and I supported Manchester United. My support was indeed very limited as I think back on it! I hated soccer back then and I still hate it now!

My worst dream came through when my auntie and Godmother bought me s special book on Manchester United for one of my birthdays. What an utter waste of a present and possibly £20 which was a lot back then.

I sifted through the pictures many times but an alzheimer’s patient would have remembered more.

And so with great sarcasm I recorded this little video yesterday!!

The feeling that I get in Manchester is that it seem to be a place with a lot of problems with addiction. From soccer to alcohol to drugs, it exudes that feeling of mania!

However all was not negative because yesterday we went to church in this church that seemed to be down a back alley. ‘Seems like I’m back in Manila’ was what Rayne said as he saw all the rubbish…

And then a little miracle happened….we went inside the church and were extremely warmly welcomed by an Irishman named Tony who gave both of us a little prayer package with a rosary and a miraculous medal.

Adoration was on before mass and the church was beautiful….

The priest was a friendly man too and to be honest, this has been our own positive experience in Manchester so far.

Tony explained that he’s part of the legion of Mary and that they often come into the city centre to reach out to those who may not know Jesus. It certainly is evangelisation territory!

Anyway all that said I do thank God for his humour. As you know I’m part of a gym called ‘puregym’ which has branches all over England and in Manchester too. There was a gym next to our hotel and I’m not sure why because I have the minimum gym membership that usually wouldn’t allow me to use the gym outside of London but somebody must have had pity on me and upgraded my access at no extra cost because I was able to get in!

So what can I say only that my Manchester trip was saved by the ‘old reliables’, the church and the gym and that it gave both Rayne and I the opportunity to really thank God for what we have and for all the blessings in our lives that we so often take for granted.

So if you are struggling to appreciate all the good in your life, book a trip to Manchester!!

Obviously this has just been our experience and there are probably lots of great things and people in Manchester too that we just didn’t see so please don’t be insulted if you have had a different experience of the place.

As for us, our bus is at 6PM and I can assure you that we will not be late for it!

Have a great Sunday, thanks for reading and thank God for all the blessings of our lives that we so often take for granted.