Good morning and how are you?

“I’m very well” reply so many people nowadays with a certain subliminal message that “I’m better than you”.

Over the years I’ve met so many people like this, they call it positive thinking, I call it dillusional!

As for me if you ask me how I am then I’ll tell you! I might say I’m good or that I’m ok or that I’m bothered …I see no reason to proclaim that “I’m great” when I’m not.

Following Jesus doesn’t mean being super all the time, it means that even when we are not super that we keep our hope and trust in God that better times are ahead.

So why are some people so fake?

I’m always amused that those that tell me how great they are then proceed to tell me all their problems. At the back of my mind I wonder how they can be so great with all that going on and why if they are so great that they have this desperate need to offload all their problems onto me, even when I’m not so great!!

Of course the answer is obvious. It’s people’s big fat egos and pride that prevent them from being honest. Weakness is seen as a personal attack on their identity, an insult to their ability to manage life, a danger to their independence!

Somehow like a stubborn child who sulks they too are like sulking adults who can’t admit to themselves or to others that they are not so great and that they need help.

And this is even more sad when it comes to the spiritual life because the secret of spiritual growth is being in touch with our weakness, our nothingness and our absence of greatness!

Therese of the child Jesus was the expert on weakness.

So what do we do with these people that proclaim that they are great and somehow rejoice when they hear of your problems as if it somehow affirms their dillusion?

I think the answer is quite simple! We must treat them like a roundabout on the road as we drive. We meet the roundabout, we go around the roundabout and we drive away from the roundabout.

One thing that we don’t do is stop on the roundabout!!

These “great people” love to talk about two things if you let them. Firstly their greatness, even if they boiled an egg for breakfast they’d somehow feel it was necessary to tell you …..and secondly their favourite topic of all….your weakness!!

‘Are you ok?’ They’ll ask you as they’ll proceed anyway to tell you that you are not and how you should achieve greatness by living like them.

Yes! Sadly in this society where so many people are so fake and so shallow planet earth is quickly turning into cloud cuckoo!!

But one person who will descend from the clouds and it won’t be cloud cuckoo will be Jesus Christ and when He illuminates the minds and consciousness of people He won’t be asking them how they are!! He’ll be telling them quite plainly and simply that they are rotten with pride and sin and are in desperate need of conversion less they find themselves in hell!

“We all good people” said the preacher if we compare ourselves to Al Capone!! But if we compare ourselves to Jesus and Mary, how great are we then?!

And so as I continue my day I will continue to boast of my weakness and to implore God for His love and His care in the sure certainty that I will meet many roundabouts today and citizens of cloud cuckoo for whom I will pray for and continue on my merry way!! I advise you to do the same!

Have a ‘great’ day!!